Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 06 May 2024


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Is finding the Sadguru a chance and following Him a choice?

[Shri Soumyadip Mondal asked: Most respectful pronam to Swamiji, Swami ji, it is said that, "it is choice and not chance that fixes your destiny". But, finding the Sadguru is a chance and following Him is a choice - to my understanding. And the Sadguru blesses a soul bound by its deed to fix its destiny. Please correct me.]

Swami replied:- Chance means the grace of God. Choice means the desire of the soul. Many a time, both are interlinked with each other. If the desire of the soul is correct, God will always help even without the prayer of the soul to God. Destiny has no significance on this earth or karma loka, in which freedom for the deeds to be done with full free will is given. This point is mentioned by Swami Vivekananda saying that determination  has more power than destiny. If destiny is given importance, the soul cannot progress spiritually in the given fresh human birth. Destiny is nothing but the force of the fruits of the past deeds, which loses its significance on this earth because most of the fruits are enjoyed by the soul in the upper energetic worlds called Bhogalokas. This earth is called as Karma loka in which the soul is given full freedom so that it can perform good works as well as spiritual works for future progress. Hence, one need not bother about destiny while doing the journey in the spiritual line on this earth.