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Posted on: 21 Nov 2021


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Is Madhumati's story before she was cursed, a story of Pravrutti or Nivrutti?

[Smt. Priyanka asked: In Thrylokya Gita 12 (point no. 20), it is said that Madhumati, wife of God Dattātreya, was cursed because she did not realise that God was in human form and was purely attracted by God Datta's external beauty and treated Him as a normal human being. Can it be considered that this was a matter of Pravrutti, since she did not recognise God in human form and perceived Him as her husband only? If so, can we say that it was legal sex only from the angle of Pravrutti? When it is looked at from the angle of Nivrutti, then it is lust-based lust towards God, which is not good. So, when God is involved, whether He is recognised or not, does every matter automatically becomes a matter of Nivrutti only? Is that why she was cursed?]

Swami Replied:- The case of 1st Madhumati was a case of Pravrutti, in which she is entitled to have normal sex with her legal husband, God Dattaatreya. She was not cursed by God Dattaatreya for her normal sex, which is justified in Pravrutti. She was having lot of lust and was pressing God Dattaatreya for over sex like a demon. Being the wife of a Sage, she must have minimum controlled lust. The other human beings have lust in the middle level. Demons have lust in climax level because their intelligence is not much developed as in the case of animals and birds. The action of lust must have certain rules of proper time. Demons like animals and birds do not have sense of proper time. God Dattaatreya cursed her to become a demon called Mahishii because she is already having the demonic nature. She was punished for her sin by God Dattaatreya in the form of incarnation called Manikantha. She got realisation and became the most sacred wife of God Dattaatreya called Anaghaa. The same Anaghaa was also called as Madhumati, which was her previous name.