Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 01 Sep 2023


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Is the practice of Visarjanam done during festivals correct?

[Smt. Arati asked: Namskar Swamiji, We celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. We bring God Ganesha to home and do visarjan. Even in navratri also, a big statue of  God is made and visarjan is done. It is making the environment harm and the God statue also gets harm. Due to non eco-friendly statue, so it doesn't dissolve in water. Playing Dolby with high volume as well, God did not tell to do all these things. Regards, Arati.]

Swami replied:- I have told this several times in My spiritual knowledge that one shall not do these things even from the view of spiritual knowledge because God is always to be invited and we shall never ask Him to leave us (Visarjanam). Such a horrible thought is also false since God never entered your statue simply by your invitation through the Vedic hymns. God is the author of these Vedic hymns, which are not effective to drag God into your statue by force. This is the egoistic psychology of the foolish priests. Hence, disposal of divine statues is a great sin. You feel that God is alive during your worship and after your worship, God is dead due to your Visarjanam! You must always establish a permanent rocky statue so that you can worship it lifelong. The hymn read by the priest does not contain even a trace of the idea belonging to the departure of God from the statue! These priests picked up a hymn from Purushasuktam, which explains the miraculous powers of angels granted by God through their worship, called Yajna or sacrifice. Where is the meaning of asking God to leave the statue? These priests do not have the knowledge of Sanskrit language and hence, such blind actions result.