Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 May 2024


Lord Datta's Feet Darshan

[By Shri Hrushikesh]

I wanted to share a miracle that happened many times in last 6 months. I and Karthik meet once in a week near my office to discuss Swami’s knowledge over a cup of tea. Post having tea we walk and discuss the experiences, divine discourses, and some worldly topics. During our walk we saw some human footprints along with the prints of dog paws deeply imprinted on the cement road. The cement surface is very strong and even if a heavy truck runs on this road no imprint of the vehicle tire can form on this surface. I was surprised how these footprints were formed. We assumed that these imprints were formed during the construction of the road when the cement is still wet and on stamping the wet cement the impressions can get easily formed. This road is not a newly constructed one and there was water clogging on the same road but this place where the imprints were formed was dry without any water. As we continued to walk, we saw more and more footprints and dog paws being imprinted on the street along our way. As we know that four dogs follow Lord Datta. So, I realized that Lord Datta was there along with the dogs. One and half year ago I was blessed with the same miracle while walking with Abhiram.

I continued to see more and more footprints over the period of last six months with the latest experience happening on Sunday late evening on 28th April 2024 in Uppal. On Sunday late evening on 28th April 2024, I dropped my wife in her parents’ home. My wife asked me to take an Uber cab back home as it was late, and it was not safe to use the public transport and walk on the street. I told her that Swami is with me and not to worry about my safety. That same night while I was walking to the bus stop again I saw the footprints and dog paws imprints. I was in tears looking at those footprints.  Swami’s love and kindness has no limits. There is no measurement to gauge his love for us.

I also experienced similar miracle on this Wednesday (01st May 2024) near Lal Bahadur Stadium in Hyderabad during my conversations with Nithin. I could see more and more foot prints form almost all along the way for next 2 kilometers.