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Posted on: 23 Apr 2023


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Miraculous reappearance of a lost Gold Coin!

[By Shri Gopi Krishna]

Guru Datta, Sri Datta, Prabhu Datta. 

Namaste Swami ji,

I would like to share a miracle that I recently experienced by the grace of Shri Datta Swami.

Couple of years back, Swami protected me when I faced a crisis at my job. Back then, some of my superiors tried to remove me from my job & they wanted to favor their persons. I prayed to Swami for protection & Swami told me that He would protect my job.  As per His promise, not only did Swami protected my job, but He also ensured me to become a top performer at my job and subsequently received multiple awards and promotion also!

Today, I have a very successful career because of Shri Datta Swami. Recently, my office awarded me a 7gm gold coin because of my good performance and long tenure in the organization. I decided to sacrifice this gold coin to Shri Datta Swami as He is the real reason behind my professional success.

I went to Shri Phani’s house in Vijayawada and requested him to give the gold coin to Swamiji on my behalf. Shri Phani has been my childhood friend & I am very happy & thankful to Swami for giving me such a great & lovely friend.

However, Shri Phani suggested me to give the gold coin directly to Swami and said that this way it will give full satisfaction of doing Karma Phala Tyaga. I accepted Shri Phani’s suggestion and took the gold coin back with me. I started to going back to my house on my bike.

A few minutes later, I realized that the gold coin was missing! I immediately came back to Phaniji’s house, and we started searching for the gold coin everywhere. No matter how much we tried, we just couldn’t find it. In fact, I also searched on the same road where I travelled in between my house & Phani’s house. I became very sad when I realized that I lost the gold coin.

Upon seeing my sadness, Shri Phani asked me, “Do you believe this gold coin belongs to Swamiji? I said, “Yes, the gold coin is definitely Swami’s only”. I also told to Shri Phani that “May be my mind is not pure, that is the reason I lost the gold coin.”

Phaniji then said, “Swami is God Datta, and God is capable of protecting His own property. Don’t worry. Swami will take care of it & you are not going to lose anything. Although I strongly believed & respected Shri Phani’s words, I was still a little sad and decided to go back to my home. I reached my home by 9PM on my bike, parked it outside in the parking place on the road, and went inside my house. It was late in the night, and I decided to sleep.

The next morning at 9AM, I had to go out on another work and went outside to take my bike.  All of a sudden, I could see that the box containing gold coin was present on the seat of my bike! It was unbelievable! Shri Phani and I had searched for the gold coin in every possible place the last night. Moreover, I had parked my bike outside my house on the road by putting it on the side stand at some inclination. There was no way the gold coin could have remained on the seat all through the night!  I strongly believe that Swami brought this coin box back & put it on the back seat of my bike.

This was clearly a miracle by Sri Datta Swami. I immediately called Phaniji over phone and shared my experience with him. Phaniji laughed and said, Swamiji is not only capable of protecting His property but also highly capable of removing the grief of His devotees. I was very happy and immediately decided to give the gold coin to Swamiji. With this miracle, Swamiji has clearly shown that He is Omnipotent and Omniscient.

Thank You, Swami, for Your Divine Compassion.