Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Jul 2024


Reply from His Holiness Shri Datta Swami to the poem 'Datta Swami Sarvamiti' of Smt. Chhanda

(Poem by Smt. Chhanda Chandra is enclosed. Click here to read)

Swami Replied:

Only a climax devotee can understand this top spiritual knowledge,
For this purpose, very very sharp shall be your brain-sword-edge,
Ignorant and innocent devotees form the long road to reach God,
While God Himself came down before eyes blinded by pierced rod.

(Eyes becoming blind by the pierced rod can’t see God in human form existing before eyes. This rod is the ego-based jealousy towards co-human form.)

Matter, energy and awareness exist in contemporary human form,
By long penance, energy and awareness are seen in energetic form,
Matter and energy in statue are worshipped as representative form,
God shall not be equal to human as all three also are in human form.

(The three components called matter, energy and awareness exist in both human body and the body of human incarnation. Human being blended by ego and jealousy refuses the contemporary human incarnation due to this equality of three components in both human media of God and devotee. When equality is not tolerated by human beings, how can they tolerate greater and the greatest levels? In energetic forms, matter is absent and in statues, awareness is absent. Both these are worshipped by human beings since both these are not equal to them because one of the three components is absent in either energetic form or statue representing energetic form or past human incarnation.)

Energetic beings repel energetic incarnation in upper energetic worlds,
Human beings repel human incarnation in the lower materialistic worlds,
Repulsion between the common media leads to missing God everywhere,
Ego and jealousy to common medium are cataracts of both eyes anywhere.



(A poem on His Holiness Shri Datta Swami by Smt. Chhanda)

There are two sides of human life – Pravrutti (worldly life) and Nivrutti (spiritual life),
These are the two stages gradually in a single path to God that is spiritual.

Most of us confine ourselves to Pravrutti life only,
Rare people are fortunate to enter into Nivrutti life by God’s grace purely.

Pravrutti being mandatory, deals with worldly matters and justice is the highest goal,
It is not mandatory here to have contemporary human incarnation in personal life at all.
Following justice can be done by God’s will power only if we have some dedication,
Heaven, Hell and God can be understood by reading spiritual knowledge with attention.

Nivrutti being optional, connects souls with God, depends totally on the soul’s free will.
Instead of encouraging, God Himself puts obstacles, as He does not need us at all,
Still if someone opts for Nivrutti, He takes full care of the devotee and becomes responsible,
As Lord Krishna took all sins of His favourite Gopikas and created Goloka for them all.
(Gopikas:- The climax cowherd devotees of God Krishna)

Then, what is the way by which we connect with God directly?
To do this, He has to be in the same medium as that of mine to mix freely.
How do we reach the next step and connect with God personally?
For that, we need to have God’s presence in our lives most importantly.
All these indicate a single fact that God has to be with us in human form only.

Yes, He comes to this world again and again in the form of human incarnation,
So that those who desired God in life, can make relationship with Him in this creation.
Other than this, there is no other option, any number of ways may we try in our journey,
Be it Unimaginable God or energetic form or past human incarnation, all irrelevant truly.

In the form of human being, we not only can see Him but also talk with Him,
We can touch Him as well as we can stay with Him,
Above all and most importantly, we can love Him.
Can we think of some other way out by which we can satisfy all these fortunes really?
No, nothing! As all other options can be felt theoretically, but not in practice surely.

Entire spiritual journey of knowledge, devotion, service and sacrifice,
Can be pursued only by taking contemporary human incarnation as the Goal of life.
All spiritual efforts fail utterly if we don’t opt for contemporary human incarnation,
Who Himself is the Unimaginable God, descended down to uplift us in His creation.
Hence Nivrutti is possible only with contemporary human incarnation, no second option.

To achieve this Goal, what we need to do?
Ego and jealousy are the only two limitations, keeping us away from this ultimate Goal,
Overcoming these two will maintain firm faith in present human form of God by the soul.

As Nivrutti is personal affair with God, I too desired very badly for my Antaryaami,
(Antaryaami:- God, who controls even the inner subtle systems)
That Unimaginable God has come to me in the form of You, my supremely beloved Swami.
You fulfilled all my unexpressed selfless desires including the sacred Bhagyachatushtaya,
About which, Ramakrishna had already assured me that He will come in Your kaaya.
(Bhagyachatushtaya:- Seeing (darshana), touching (sparshana), talking (sambhaashana) and living together (sahavaasa); Kaaya:- body.)

I feel myself the most fortunate soul in this universe having You in my life in person,
By experiencing infinite bliss showered by You, though I am undeserving in all directions.
I don’t know for how many births I am waiting for this to happen really,
But definitely in this birth, You only quenched the longing thirst and that too very intensely.

I remember one very pious shloka that Lord Krishna said in the most sacred Giita,
“Bahūnāṃ janmanāmante jñānavān māṃ prapadyate
Vāsudeva ssarvamiti sa mahātmā sudurlabhaḥ",
It says, to understand that Vaasudeva, the human form, only is the absolute God,
A rarest soul who is devoid of ego and jealousy, only can attain such knowledge,
That too after penance of many births and has attained the nature of mother Anasuya.
(Vaasudeva:- The son of Vasudeva, God Krishna.)

I know, I don’t have any maturity in spiritual knowledge to understand one fact,
But my intellect only accepts that You are the same Vaasudeva, Who has come into act.
As I have experienced infinite blessings by You only when I worshipped Lord Krishna,
How can I accept that You are different from the son of Vasudeva, the Manmohana?
(Manmohana:- He who attracts the minds.)

Your knowledge made me feel like a blooming tree in spring season after chilling winter,
And the pond that gets filled in the rain water after the scorching heat of summer.
My faith becomes stronger on You by so many beautiful and sacred practical experiences,
As such kind of unimaginable things are only possible by God alone and no one else.

For me, You are the Jagadguru as You only taught me the Brahma Jnaana,
It was very much required to identify You as the same Lord Krishna, Who preached Arjuna.
My little understanding led me to conclude that You are the Unimaginable Parabrahman,
Characteristics as per Vedas and other scriptures are the basis for such conclusion.
(Jagadguru:- World Teacher, Brahma Jnaana:- Spiritual Knowledge, Parabrahman:- The ultimate unimaginable God.)

No doubt, You are beyond the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures,
As You are unthinkable and unimaginable, what more can I say to the Jagadiishwara?
(Jagadiishwara:- Lord of worlds.)

Nothing in this creation, neither intellect nor logic nor anything else can ever touch You,
What I have realized is that You are totally beyond everybody’s understanding.
Each and every criterion from all shastras match perfectly with You, my Infinity, 
Hence, I conclude that for me ‘Vāsudeva ssarvamiti’ is ‘Dattasvāmī sarvamiti’.