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Posted on: 02 Sep 2023


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Discourse by Shri Dattaswami in Satsanga

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Subtle Affect of Ego and Jealousy

There are six bad qualities, which are 1) illegitimate sex (kaama), 2) illegitimate anger (krodha), 3) illegitimate greediness, 4) illegitimate fascination, 5) illegitimate ego and 6) illegitimate jealousy. There may be some human beings, who have conquered the first four bad qualities, but there is none even in sages, who have conquered ego and jealousy. In Pravrutti (worldly life), all these six qualities exist. The result may be some temporary punishments or losses in worldly life. But, in Nivrutti, there is no soul, which has conquered ego and jealousy. Due to this defect alone, the success in Nivrutti is always hindered. Since everybody is affected and has experienced these two qualities, nobody will be hurt in this analysis because everybody remembers the experience of ego and jealousy, which attacked them many times or at least a few times. If any person is there, who did not experience ego and jealousy, may be hurt and since such a case is impossible, there is no need to doubt anybody to be hurt.

The unimaginable-unmediated God (Parabrahman) is never worshipped and not even meditated upon by anybody in the world of souls. Only mediated-unimaginable God can be meditated upon and even worshipped. The mediated-unimaginable God is of two types:- 1) Energetic incarnation in which the unmediated-unimaginable God gets mediated by energetic body for the sake of energetic beings in the upper energetic worlds and 2) Human incarnation in which the unmediated-unimaginable God gets mediated by human body (matter and energy mixed) for the sake of human beings present on earth. The energetic incarnation is relevant to energetic worlds and the human incarnation is relevant to human world (earth). It means the energetic incarnation is easily available in the energetic worlds and the human incarnation is easily available in the human world. God has made this provision so that there will be no wastage of even one-minute time for approaching the Sadguru (incarnation) for the sake of true spiritual knowledge that gives right direction in spiritual life. But, a very big problem developed, which is that human devotees reject the human incarnation and energetic devotees reject the energetic incarnation due to the repulsion between common energetic/human media respectively. Due to this defect, the soul, as human being, is losing God in human form on earth and the same soul, as energetic being (the soul enters energetic body after death and becomes energetic being), is losing God in energetic form.

The repulsion between common media comes due to ego and jealousy. The human being is unable to tolerate a greater human being in worldly life. Can such a human being tolerate the greatest human being (contemporary human incarnation of God)? Never. Due to this reason only, you can hardly count on fingers, the successful devotees in Nivrutti! Every human being feels that it is great and in worldly life it faces only greater human beings. The difference between great and greater is not very much so that this problem is not very serious in Pravrutti. But, in Nivrutti or spiritual life, the difference between a devotee and the human incarnation is very much i.e., the difference between great and the greatest!! This is the reason for the failure of the majority of devotees in Nivrutti since they can’t tolerate very much difference.

When the first four qualities (kaama, krodha, lobha and moha) attack the soul, the consciousness recognizes their birth and their subsequent growth. But, when ego and jealousy are born and grow subsequently, the consciousness fails to recognize their birth and growth. These two develop in the soul unconsciously. Even the final result caused by these two (ego and jealousy) does not bring awareness in the consciousness. This means that there is no recognition of even the damage done by ego and jealousy. Hence, especially in spiritual field, these two are like two black venomous cobras that kill the soul forever.

Spiritual Politics

If you become fully aware of these two ghosts and take sufficient care in every minute of your life, your success in spiritual life to get the grace of God is very very easy and does not take much time. Since this care is not taken by human devotees, salvation and getting the grace of God are not achieved even for millions of births. Even after considerable progress in spiritual line, even a great spiritual soul is suddenly falling down due to the sudden attack of these two black cobras, called ego and jealousy. Mandana Mishra, a very great scholar in the Vedas, left his Sadguru, called Kumarila Bhatta and started his own philosophy becoming a new Sadguru. His Sadguru, human incarnation of God Subrahmanya, preached the necessity of both knowledge and practice for salvation. The disciples of Bhatta poisoned Mishra through false praises and projected Mishra as another Sadguru against Bhatta. Mishra separated from his Sadguru and preached only practice without knowledge. Then, Shankara, the incarnation of God Shiva came establishing the importance of knowledge through a long debate with Mishra. Mishra accepted Shankara because Mishra was the incarnation of Brahma. Had there been another human being in the place of Mishra, such human being would not have accepted Shankara due to ego-based jealousy. God Brahma played the role of Mishra to point out the influence of ego and jealousy on the mind and showed the way of rectification from such blunder in the same life. If you are conquered by ego and jealousy, you will never accept the Sadguru. If you have conquered ego and jealousy, you will realize your mistake and accept the Sadguru. Hence, without conquering ego-based jealousy, don’t enter the spiritual field because such entry will lead into utter failure only.

The background of Mandana Mishra (Mishra) was like this as per My analysis:- The disciples of Kumarila Bhatta (Bhatta) were jealous of the greatest human incarnation, Bhatta, their Sadguru as usual. They provoked Mishra and projected him as another Sadguru. Both Bhatta and Mishra were human incarnations of God Subrahmanya and God Brahma respectively. Hence, Mishra acted as if he was provoked by the disciples and left Bhatta with his own wrong philosophy projecting himself as another new Sadguru. The greatest Sadguru was not at all affected by the jealous plot of the disciples. But, Mishra appeared as if he was influenced by the disciples and acted as a fallen soul, called Yogabhrashta. The disciples were partially satisfied because even though they failed to damage the greatest Bhatta, they were partially satisfied because the greater Mishra (climax disciple) at least fell down with a wrong philosophy! Their ego and jealousy were not completely satisfied because they failed to damage the greatest, but, was partially satisfied because at least they succeeded in damaging the greater Mishra. Mishra, being the incarnation of God Brahma, was only acting to expose the procedure of Yogabhrashta and his rectification in the same life. When Shankara came and convinced Mishra, Mishra became the disciple of Shankara, who was incarnation of God Shiva. The important point here to note is that Mishra realized since he was God Brahma. Any human being in the place of Mishra will not realize and become the disciple of Sadguru again due to his inherent ego-based jealousy.

Hence, the human being should be careful not to take the path of Mishra since in such a path the human being will not rectify himself to become the disciple of the Sadguru again. This is the lesson, we have to understand from this play of the three divine forms (God Subrahmanya, God Brahma and God Shiva). God Datta will decide the successor of the Sadguru and not the disciples and not even the Sadguru containing human being component. For your information, the eldest son of Shri Datta Swami studied all the knowledge of Shri Datta Swami several times, even leaving a very good job. But, Shri Datta Swami never mentioned him as His successor to even one human being. Datta Swami, being the Sadguru, knows very well that the successor will be decided by God Datta, who will appear before the right successor and order him/her to succeed as the Sadguru. Even when God Datta appeared before Me ordering to propagate the true spiritual knowledge in this world, I humbly told Him about My incapability that is inherent of any human being especially in propagating the true spiritual knowledge. Then, God Datta entered Me and merged with Me so that He spoke the true spiritual knowledge through Me. Unless all this procedure happens, none shall project himself as the Sadguru.

Ego and jealousy exist even in angels, the energetic beings in the upper worlds. The deity of the wheel of God Vishnu, called Sudarshana developed ego-based jealousy since he was cutting the throats of demons in all the fights of God Vishnu against demons. But, it was hidden in his mind even without the knowledge of his consciousness. Sage Narada wanted to teach a lesson to Sudarshana and came to God Vishnu. He praised Sudarshana saying that God Vishnu got victories in all fights due to the Sudarshana wheel only. Sudarshana smiled and nodded his head showing his acceptance. Immediately, God Vishnu became very angry and cursed Sudarshana to be born as Kaartaviiryaarjuna. God Vishnu incarnated as Parashurama, fought with Kaartaviiryaarjuna and killed him so that Sudarshana came to understand the power of God Vishnu, due to which only he was cutting the throats of demons. In this case, there was no plot because sage Narada is the climax devotee of God Vishnu without a trace of ego-based jealousy and he was used by God in the program of teaching a lesson to Sudarshana.

Reason For The Common Media Repulsion

What is the reason for this repulsion between common media? If you take the repulsion between the common human media, every devotee neglects the human incarnation because both the human media of the devotee and the human incarnation have the same common properties like birth, illness, hunger, thirst, sex, sleep, all emotions and finally death. Even though the devotee experiences the divinity of the human incarnation, the common properties always observed, dominate in making the devotee doubt about the divinity of the contemporary human incarnation. If the incarnation shows divinity, ego and jealousy project in human devotees. If the incarnation hides the divinity, the human devotee feels the incarnation also as an ordinary human being. Even if the divinity of the incarnation is confirmed in the minds of devotees, it is not useful for the progress of spiritual line because the human mind always tries to exploit the miraculous power of the incarnation to solve worldly problems and to get worldly benefits. Hence, much expression of divinity is also dangerous to devotees and hence, the incarnation shows some illusions to neutralize the faith of divinity of the incarnation! From this point of view, the incarnation hides the divinity as far as possible and expresses the divinity only in cases of real devotees to help their spiritual progress. This is the balanced behavior of the incarnation because problems exist in all angles. Even while helping the real devotees for their spiritual progress, the incarnation uses the miraculous power in a hidden way as far as possible.

Demons only over project their small miraculous powers aspiring name and fame in the world. The main program of the incarnation is to preach true spiritual knowledge to humanity since it alone can give the right direction in the spiritual journey. The aim of the miraculous powers of the incarnation is not exhibition to attain name and fame in the world, but, to help the real deserving devotees in their spiritual journey. In fact, He was already bored with name and fame in the upper worlds and comes here to taste defame only as far as possible! The devoted public is falling in the grip of either demons or egoistic devotees, who also attain miraculous powers from God through their penance and strong devotion respectively. A devotee is always a human being only and will fall down due to the miraculous powers gifted by God and hence, God will not generally gift His miraculous powers to devotees for their spiritual safety. Demons get spiritual powers from God through rigid penance and fall down quickly due to their devilish nature. Even though spiritual powers are exhibited by demons for their name and fame for some time, the beneficial angle here is that their exhibited miraculous powers give proof of the existence of unimaginable God to the observing public.

If the incarnation appears as an ordinary human being, nobody will care for it to listen to the true spiritual knowledge preached by it. Hence, miracles are to be exhibited by the incarnation at least in the initial stage to meet the starting problem of the program of the incarnation. This is the good angle and the simultaneous bad angle is that devotees pretend as if they are hearing the spiritual knowledge attentively to impress the incarnation, but, slowly they come out with their hidden worldly problems for solutions to be solved through miraculous powers. These devotees forget that the incarnation is not only omnipotent but is also omniscient. The incarnation puts very strenuous efforts to change the total ocean of humanity into divine side, but, only one or two drops of the ocean change to spiritual path to become drops of divine nectar, while the rest of the ocean remains as salt water as usual. In the light of the contemporary human incarnation, so far, I have explained spiritual politics.

Spiritual Economics

Now, I will explain spiritual economics. God Krishna is a human incarnation and told in the Gita that out of thousands of human beings, one will seek God and out of such thousands of seekers, one will recognize Him as God (Manuṣyāṇāṃ sahasreṣu…). It means,  devotees, who recognize the contemporary human incarnation are always very few in number. The hundred Kauravaas did not recognize Krishna as human incarnation of God whereas the five Pandavaas recognized Krishna as God in human form. What is the reason for a minority only recognizing the contemporary human incarnation as God and the majority not recognizing the contemporary human form of God? In such majority, there are two types:- i) Those recognizing the human form of God, but, pretend not to recognize the human form of God and ii) Those not recognizing the human form of God due to their ego-based jealousy. We can convert the second type into believers of human form of God through logical analysis and quoting scriptures. But, the first type can never be converted into believers of the human incarnation. We can wake the person, who really sleeps, but, we can’t wake a person pretending to be sleeping.

The first type of devotees is the embodiment of greediness and worships statues rejecting the concept of the contemporary human incarnation. They believe the energetic incarnations and past human incarnations represented by inert statues and photos, which do not eat when food is offered to God so that after offering, the devotees can enjoy the full food. If it is the case of the contemporary human incarnation, it will eat the offered food! The devotee feels satisfied that he has offered food to God every day and at the same time, the total offered food is saved for self-enjoyment. This is not possible in the case of the contemporary human incarnation, which eats the offered food! This is the hidden reason and they say outside that they are not accepting the human form of God due to logical analysis, but, the hidden real reason is greediness! These people cheat their own self and atheists, who don’t accept God frankly based on their logic are far better than these hypocritical devotees.

Spiritual Science

Let us leave the spiritual politics and spiritual economics as explained above. The spiritual politics will lead to the down fall of spiritual progress, whereas the spiritual economics will not give even entry into spiritual journey. Let us follow spiritual science, which is the logical analysis in correlation with our scriptures so that we can achieve the grace of God and not anger of God at any cost. The logical points of spiritual science are given below:-

1) Unimaginable-unmediated God is originally existing before creation. This God wanted to create this creation for the sake of entertainment without damaging justice in the creation at any cost. He is unimaginable since space was not created by Him before creation and hence, He was beyond space becoming unimaginable to intelligence. There are several Vedic statements in support of this concept (Yasyāmatam…, Naiṣā tarkeṇa…, Yo buddheḥ parataḥ…, Yato vācaḥ… etc.).

2) He first created a little energy in subtle state, called space (Parama Vyoma) and created some gross energy with the help of which the first energetic body with soul was created by Him. He, then, merged with that first energetic form, called Datta and this form became God Datta after His merge. Due to His omnipotence, He remained as Himself and also became the energetic medium simultaneously (Sat ca tyat ca abhavat— Veda).

3) God Datta became several energetic incarnations like God Brahma, God Vishnu, God Shiva etc., for the sake of His worship in the upper worlds containing energetic beings. He created the entire universe containing inert items and non-inert items, called souls with awareness. But, this awareness is a product of His creation-process only and not the creator because the production of awareness requires inert energy and a materialized nervous system (matter), which are created by God only in the process of creation and not before creation. You need not doubt how He thought to create the universe since awareness is absent before the creation (since energy and matter did not exist). He thought about creation not because of awareness, but, He thought due to His omnipotence. Hence, His awareness is unimaginable whereas the awareness as souls created in the process of creation is imaginable. Hence, you shall not mistake this imaginable awareness as the unimaginable awareness or the unimaginable God. The Unimaginable awareness is the unimaginable God because any number of unimaginable items result in one unimaginable item only.

4) The necessity for the human incarnation for humanity on this earth is very much because no time shall be wasted in seeing God because  human life is very short. All of human life must be spent in learning the true spiritual knowledge from God directly and then worshipping Him through service and sacrifice along with full theoretical devotion. The energetic incarnation cannot be seen by human beings since it is not relevant to humanity as it is relevant only to energetic beings present in the upper energetic worlds. The human incarnation is relevant to the humanity on this earth. This is the reason why the energetic incarnation is not seen by human beings even after a long penance. Hence, a foolish human being only does not avail the opportunity given by God here to use the human incarnation for learning the true spiritual knowledge and for further worship. Of course, there is a reason for such foolishness because the repulsion between common human media makes the human devotees to reject the human form of God (Avajānanti mām…—Gita). The repulsion is due to ego-based jealousy towards a co-human form. Unless this ego-based jealousy is fully conquered, no human devotee can be successful in the spiritual field. You can serve every human being so that you will not at least hurt the hidden human incarnation in human beings. But, you should be careful in avoiding bad human beings because God will never be a bad human being! God Krishna told in the Gita that He is even insulted by devotees because they were unable to recognize Him as God and treated Him as an ordinary human being (Paraṃ bhāva majānanto… -Gita).

The human beings worshipping formless God and worshipping statues are going against the divine arrangement of God and based on this point itself, they are condemned by God. At least, they should rise to the required level in course of time even if they deviate from the divine arranged path in the initial stage. One can worship formless God or statues representing God in the initial stage of ignorance, but, shall rise to the level of the divine spiritual arrangement of God in which the human incarnation must be recognized to get true spiritual knowledge about the goal, the path and the true status of the human being (Triputi). You must also note that the statues are in human form only and the life initiation in the statues does not mean that the statues are becoming alive. It only means that the statue in human form plus life means the alive contemporary human form of God.