Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 11 Feb 2005




Doing the spiritual service with gaps for freshness in the spiritual service

Can be only an intermediate state in the spiritual journey for any body?

The continuous spiritual service with gaps is the final spiritual state

I shall do my job and the mission together since I am not in final state

Therefore you advised me, perhaps, to follow the intermediate state

Of course, now it self I aspired to enter the final state, am I right?



Swami! Is there no program for your devotees to propagate this

 Divine Knowledge on full time basis? I am ready for such service.



The service whether full time or part time does not depend on the time

It depends on the quantum and quality of the work you have turned out

In one hour one may do very high qualitative work with fresh mind

In ten hours, bored with continuity, another person may not turn out

The same quantum of work with the same quality, therefore vigour is needed

The vigour is always proportional to the energy and freshness of mind

For the human beings, having this gross body following the rules of nature

It is not possible to continuously work in the same line for a long time.

The mind is subtle body which is inter related with the gross body

The mind has the nature of vexation to do the same work continuously

The mind requires gaps and these gaps may be periods of deep sleep

Or may be periods of diversified work, since the sleep is over in the night

These gaps should be only diversified work and not of deep sleep

If you sleep in the daytime, you will not have sound sleep in the night

The scriptures of justice or Dharmasastra say that one should not sleep

In the daytime for the same reason, any human body requires only

A fixed quantum of sleep, therefore the nature requires diversified work.

The diversified work should be worldly work only in the case of spiritual work


Spiritual knowledge and worldly knowledge are quite opposite to each other.

The Veda says the same

Duramete viparete” both are south and north

Science is the best-diversified knowledge since it never touches God.

It searches the world intensively not with the aim to find out God

All its search and research are only for the benefit of the humanity

The ancient logic is also science in the nature of the subject, but

The ancient logic searched the world to find out the God through creation

Both the science and ancient logic fail in the end since they could not find

God through the creation, the reason for this is that the creator maintains

This creation by His will only and is not touching the creation,

Therefore changes in the creation cannot touch the creator and change Him.

The creation is like the dream of a day dreamer who does not sleep so that

He has full control on the dream, even if his dream city is burning

He does not burn because he is not touched by that dream. He maintains

The dream just by his will, in fact the dream is only his will.

This is the reason why the investigators of creation can never touch the creator

However much they may go deeply in the vertical direction, it is futile.

Therefore research in science is the best gap for a spiritual work

But you should involve in the scientific research work deeply in the gap.

Your deep involvement will be a good diversification from your field.


Any work can be decided only by its aim and its fruit at the end.

Since your aim of your gap is only freshness for the main work.

Your work in the gap becomes a part of your main work only.

The fruit of your work in the gap is to build up your professional talent

Your carrier will bring lot of wealth to you and you should sacrifice this

For the sake of the Lord only and not to any un-divine element, which is

Your family only because all your wealth goes to them only

They are most un-deserving since they drag you from the Lord.

They are your enemies, who have come to collect their loans from you

And revenge upon you for the past and hence they are most undeserving

But if they are devotees of Lord, they deserve your wealth

But you should give your wealth to them treating them as devotees

And not as your family members, you angle is very delicate

You may cover your blind love on your family with the mask of devotion

You may donate wealth to them due to your internally hidden blind love

And say that you love them as devotees only, this can be tested

When non-related devotees come to your house, how do you treat them?

If your treatment is different, then you are misleading yourself only

Therefore, every owner of the family should start the propagation of

Divine knowledge in his house itself so that the whole world is transformed

If your family members resists the devotion due to their ignorance and egoism

You should preach them in all angles to save them from the permanent hell.

If you do this, your love on your family becomes real, the real love aims at

The welfare of other being and not the pleasure of self or the other side pleasure

Pleasure on both sides is temporary and therefore unreal.


Since, your wife Devi is a real devotee, she deserves your wealth

Her association cannot be association with family if analysed deeply

The first address of the Lord is Human Incarnation and the second address

Is the Devotee, if you please the devotee, the Lord is more pleased.

Therefore, the fruit of your gap-work goes to a real devotee and not family

By this the God is more pleased and hence the gap work is also divine

Since it is divine by aim and also by the fruit, if your family becomes devoted

Why should you leave your family to go elsewhere in the search of devotees?

You should leave the family and be in association of devotees only

Because association is a root cause of entire path of any human being

The family with blind love and without any divine love is your enemy

But if the entire family consists of best devotees, you need not leave the home

When you preach the divine knowledge, the outside devotees may not hear you

But when you teach the same to your family members, at least they hear you.

Without realizing this, people are leaving their families and are walking out

They want to change the whole world except their family members!

If you cannot change even your family, how can you change the world?

But if your family consists of demons who neither change nor allow you

To follow your own spiritual path, then you should think of leaving them.

God is far grater than these bloody family members whose love is unreal.

They love you only for their selfish happiness and if they are troubled by you

They abandon you and go out, therefore this blind love is not justified.

All their mistakes can be washed out if they become devotees,

Even if they are your enemies who have come to collect their loans

They deserve and their defects are washed out by sacred devotion.


Shankara was debating with scholars but between two debates, he gave gaps

During the gap periods, he used to walk from one place to another place

For the next debate, this walking is a good gap for next fresh debate.

When Hanuman came from Lanka, He went to the garden “Madhuvanam”

He did lot of mischief along with other monkeys in that garden that was

A good gap for Him before seeing Rama to narrate the whole episode

Some eat to live and some others live to eat, there is difference between the two

In the first case, they eat limited food, which is converted into life energy

Therefore, they live long since their aim was to live and not simply to eat.

According to the aim, the working of eating was done and fruit was also so

Some others live to eat only and their aim is eating only and not to live

Therefore, they eat more food and they are eaten by the food and die

The excess food brings diseases, and thus kills the eater, since their aim

Was to eat only and not to live and therefore they did not live by the eating

The Veda says that the food or Annam is that which is eaten or that which eats.

Adyate atticha”, which means that Annam is eaten and also eats.

Similarly, one may do scientific research work to build up his carrier and

Earn lot of wealth for the sake of his family members whom he loves blindly

Such scientific research is not a gap work and he is having impure aim

His hard earned fruit was stolen by his enemies and he was thrown to hell

Since they attracted him with blind love and obstructed spiritual path.

The mother of Shankara was loving her son too much because her son

Shankara was very beautiful and also very brilliant with divine radiation

Her love on Him was only as her son and not as Lord Siva

Therefore, Shankara left her so that her mind will be fixed on Lord Siva


Ramanujacharya and Raghavendra left their wives since they were also

Loving their husbands with blind view of lust and not divine love.

Once a devotee was obstructed by his newly wedded wife from

Attending the discourse of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

The devotee explained his problem and Sri Paramahamsa told

“What is there? Just leave your wife and diverse her for the sake of lord”

The devotee was shocked by this advice since he was not so ripened

Buddha left the family and kingdom which was un-divine for Him

Therefore, one should leave the house and family members if they are

Un-divine and do not become devotees even on your hectic efforts.

The mother of Jesus came to see him when He was with his disciples.

He did not care for his mother because the devotees are higher to Him.

Therefore, turn their blind love into divine love by preaching them

Let them realize that they are also saved by the divine love only

Let them realize that their permanent welfare exists in the devotion only.

Let them understand you that you are preaching all this to them

Not to reject them but since you are really interested in their real welfare.


Service is the real proof of the real love, there is no doubt in this

For doing service, one cannot be mad and he should be quite alert

He should be very sharp in intelligence like Hanuman always

Therefore, the continuous service as said above is also madness

Excess of devotion is called madness and Radha was like that

But madness comes spontaneously and not by any effort

Therefore, in the path of spiritual effort, madness has no place

Mad people do not require gaps and live continuously in their world

But they are useless for service of the Lord, but the Lord is pleased

With such mad devotees because their madness was for Him only

Both Hanuman and Radha are equal and are two eyes of the Lord.

By your spiritual effort, you can become Hanuman but not Radha.

You can become Radha suddenly and spontaneously without effort?

In that case also, you are appreciated by the Lord, no doubt in it

But what is the use of discussing it when it is out of your effort.



Please give me strength when my husband, Nikhil and my daughter

Arsha leave me for the mission of the Lord, I shall not weep

I shall send them with full willingness and happiness at that time

To achieve that state, what shall I do from now onwards?



First of all I told that there is no need of leaving the home or family

If the home and the family are congenial to the mission by devotion

This question does not arise in your case since you are a great devotee

When the family opposes the mission, then only one has to leave home

However, I shall answer your question keeping you as a representative

For an un-matured devotee, in which case only this possibility arises

Neither God gives you such strength nor you can attain it by your effort

Such state should be spontaneous and then only the Lord is pleased.

Leave this mission, one day or other all have to separate and go

Then do you require the strength for such departure or not?

The departure is inevitable even for the un-divine human beings

If the blind love is accumulated day by day, just imagine that day

When one has to depart from all his blind attractions in this world!

Just on the deathbed, the Lord gives the last flash of knowledge

By that you will realize the truth because at that junction of life and death

One sees clearly both the worlds since the messengers of Lord Yama

Stand before the person to pull out the subtle body from the gross body

Then every one realizes that these bonds were absolutely unreal

In that last few minutes the agony starts because the person thinks like this

“For these blind bonds I have spent all my energy and my life time,

Who cannot save me in this time, the saviour is not coming now because

I have not spent my lifetime and energy for His mission when I was alive

Now even if I wish to serve the Lord for His mission, there is no time

When time was there this realization did not come, what could I do?”

At that time the person is pained for foolishly having these bonds

The person is not pained for leaving these bonds as you think now

That situation will open the eyes of every human being in this world


If you are not pained to leave these bonds for the mission now

When you are alive, you will not be pained at that last minute also,


You realize now and be wise to leave the bonds with happiness

You will have the same happiness at that time also to leave these bonds

One day or other you have to leave the bonds without any mercy

Why not leave the bonds now itself for the sake of the Lord and be saved?

When you leave these bonds at that time you are not saved for leaving the bonds

But if you leave the same bonds even before that time, you are saved always

Is it not wise to do an inevitable thing now itself and get its benefit?

Is it not foolishness to do the same inevitable thing then and loose everything?

The Lord is not pleased if you are sacrificing with pain and tears in your eyes

Suppose you are offering some money as Guru Dakshina to Me

If you are pained will I accept that? If you ask Me to give strength

To sacrifice that money to Me, how bad I shall feel about it?

If you are having bond with that money, don’t give it to Me, keep it with you

Who asked you for your sacrifice? If the bond with that money is really broken

You will not weep when you are sacrificing that money to Me.

Such sacrifice is done by force and is not spontaneous at all

Suppose you are giving milk to your child, are you not happy to give that?

Are you weeping to give the milk to your child? Are you praying the Lord

To give strength to sacrifice milk to your child? This means that the Lord

Is not equal even to your child, you are sacrificing all the bonds for your child

But you are not sacrificing all the bonds for the sake of the Lord

Therefore, your love on the Lord is not real compared to your child

The Lord expects only one bond with Him and not any other bond

See Sakthuprastha, who sacrificed his food and food of his family

They were not eating for the past ten days in that severe draught

If they do not eat that food their lives will leave their bodies

He sacrificed the entire food spontaneously with happiness

When Shankara left His mother He was so happy to go on the mission

You be in the place of Shankara and not in the place of His mother

His mother was weeping to leave Shankara but Shankara was happy

You should get the grace of the Lord like Shankara directly and not

Like the mother of Shankara indirectly, you must yourself win His grace

Do you want to achieve His grace because you are mother of Shankara?

Everybody stands with his or her isolated account before the Lord

The account of other soul is not at all affecting your account

Every soul is individually and independently judged by the Lord

When the gross body is dropped all these relationships vanish

You cannot claim that the Lord should bless you

As the wife of some sacred soul or as the mother of some other sacred soul

When Shankara left the home He advised her to concentrate on the Lord

And not to think about Him, the mother did so and is salvated

The mother got the salvation by her effort and Shankara encouraged that

We say that the son of a professor got good rank because he was his son

This does not mean that his son was given good marks due to the professor.

This means that professor helped his son by teaching with special care, Therefore, you should come to the mission of the Lord and your bonds

Should weep, you should be aspiring for the reverse situation

After leaving this gross body there is no recognition of any other soul

When Abhimanyu died and reached the heaven Arjuna, his father

Was taken by the Lord and Abhimanyu did not recognize his father

I told that the mother of Shankara got the salvation because of Shankara

That does not mean that she got the salvation just because she was His mother

She spent all her rest life in the devotion of Lord Shankara and for this

She got the salvation, don’t think that she was sitting in her home

And went on seeing the T.V., and cinemas and at the end claimed

The salvation because of the single qualification that she was mother of Shankara, as mother of Shankara, she received best preaching from Him

That preaching helped her to have firm single-minded devotion

Thus Shankara was responsible for her salvation through His divine knowledge

One has to lift his or her own soul on his or her own effort only

No other soul can lift any soul except the super soul that is the Lord

The Gita says the same “Uddharet Atmana Aatmanam”, When Mandanamisra was

Walking out of his house leaving his beloved wife, Ubhaya Bharathi,

She gave farewell to him with immense pleasure and she also took the sacred

Orange robe and walked out as another saint, she was a great scholar

She knows that she will not get salvation because her husband is a saint

Therefore, she was happy that her husband realized the truth and is saved

But by this she is not satisfied because her husband can save himself only

And not her, therefore, she walked out as a saint for her own upliftment

When Lakshmana was following the Lord to the forest, the mother

Of Lakshmana was very happy because her son is saved forever by following

The Lord in His work, Valmiki writes this as “Sumithraananda Vardhanah

It means Sumithra the mother of Lakshmana was feeling very happy when her

Son is following the Lord to the forest, in fact she should weep in that situation

Since her son need not go to the forest and Rama only has to go to the forest

But she knows that Rama was the Lord in the human form and so was happy

Similarly, Ubhaya Bharathi knows that Shankara was the Lord in human form

Therefore, she was very happy to leave her husband for his eternal welfare

Ubhaya Bharathi should be an example for all the wives in spirituality

Only in doing rituals, which lead to temporary heaven, the wife has her share

But in spiritual efforts no soul has any share with the other soul

Therefore, the Gita says that the soul should uplift itself by its own effort.

The Heaven is related to Pravritti and in rituals only wife has share

The Brahma Loka or the divine abode of Lord is related to Nivritti

In Nivritti every soul is independent with its own account only.

When Yajnyavalkya was leaving the house having the red robe,

His wife Mythreye accompanied him telling that he is dear to her

Then Yajnya valkya replied “Atmanah Kamaya Sarvam Priyam

This means “every worldly bond is based on selfishness only

The wife loves her husband because he is the means of her happiness

The husband loves his wife because she is the means of his happiness

If you really love me, leave me alone so that I will love the Lord

Without the obstruction by your attraction and I will be saved for ever

If your love is real and not selfish, wish for my permanent welfare

I love you really because I am leaving you so that you will also

Love the Lord without the obstruction of my attraction and

You shall be saved for ever”. Maitreyi realised the truth and

Renounced the world by taking the orange coloured sari.

There is no distinction between the souls by way of sex or age

Or caste or religion or nationality in this spiritual path.

All these are related to the external gross body only and not to soul.