Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 12 Feb 2005



A Christian Devotee:

How can I believe other human incarnations like Krishna, Buddha and

 Mohammed when my Bible says that only Jesus is God in Flesh?


The Bible says that Jesus is the God in flesh, but the Gita says for a Hindu,

That Krishna is the God in flesh, let us analyse both these views.

I am not touching Buddhism and Islam in this topic because Islam believes

That Mohammad is not God in flesh and He was only messenger of God.

Buddhism keeps silent on the God and no question of God in flesh for them.

If the Bible told that Krishna was not God in flesh or if the Gita told that

Jesus was not God in flesh, then both the Bible and the Gita are valid.

When the scriptures does not mention like this in complete version

How can you interpret your own scripture in the other way?

More over all of you whether Christians or Hindus have to accept

The concept of one God, there is no other alternative way in this.

You say that your God created this entire world and Hindus say that

Their God created this same entire world, unfortunately my dear friends!

I do not find two worlds and I find only one world! Now tell me


Whether this single entire world is created by Christian God or Hindu God?

One of you or both should be wrong and in that case who is wrong?

Either you should have two separate worlds or you should have single God.

If both the scriptures are wrong and both Gods did not create this Universe

Then the vote goes to Science, which says that the world exists by itself.

They say that nobody created this world and it is self-existent.

Since both are sacred scriptures, let us solve this problem by analysis.


If you are rigid of your own scripture, I am not touching you at all.

If one is rigid where is the place for logical analysis and judgement?

In the court if one party says that what ever it says is the only truth

What is the necessity of the court, advocates, arguments and judgement?

If you leave rigidity and become flexible to accept the truth

After analysis only, you are most welcome to my Universal Spirituality.


Even in the small worldly matters, we apply open mind and analysis,

I wonder why you are not applying the same open mind and analysis

In such most important spiritual knowledge which decides everything.

The word Jesus stands for Human Incarnation and similarly the word Krishna.

In scriptures, we have to take the internal meanings and not simple external

Meanings for the sacred words, each word is ocean of divine knowledge.

Bible says that the lamb will come in red robe, here what is the meaning

For the word lamb? Is it simple animal with four legs and one tail.

Does this mean that Jesus will come again as animal? Here you say

That the word lamb stands for the Lord who is pure and innocent

Like the lamb, at one place you take the inner meaning and at other place

You take the external meaning! Therefore, the word Jesus means God in flesh,

Which means that the Lord comes in human form with blood and flesh.


This is a great concept, which Jesus tried to establish to the devotees.

Till then the Islam believed only in the formless God called Allah.

Islam does not treat Mohammad as God in flesh even today.

Jesus told that He and His father are one and the same, what does this mean?

Here the word father does not mean Joseph, the husband of His mother Mary.

If you take the meaning of the word of father in the external sense only

It is impossible because two human beings cannot be one and the same.

That Creator is indicated by the word father and human incarnation by the word Jesus

Both are one and the same since God pervaded all over the human incarnation.

If you take the meaning of the word Jesus as a particular human body only,

Then the meaning of the word father should also mean another particular human body.

In that case both the human bodies cannot be one and the same because

We are seeing the father and the son represented by two separate human bodies.

Similarly Jesus told that one could reach His father only through Him.


This again should mean that nobody could see or meet Joseph without Jesus.

But it is not so because several people have seen Joseph even before Jesus was born.

You are taking the inner meaning for the word father and say that father means God.

But for the word Jesus you are taking a particular human body only.

This is not justified and even a child will contradict this different approach.

When it is said that Jesus will baptise by fire, does it mean Jesus will sprinkle fire?

In such case the baptized person will be burnt with fire, therefore, the word fire

Means Knowledge as said in the Gita “Jnanaagnih”, moreover if you stick the word

Jesus to a particular human body only and if you say that Jesus exists even now,

Please show Me Jesus as the same human body to My eyes also, in the past

When Jesus was alive everyone could show Jesus as human body to anyone.

Whether a believer or a non-believer saw Jesus as human body in the past.


Now the situation is not the same, you say that you have seen Jesus.

How to believe this unless you show Jesus to Me also just like in the past.

The difference between the past and the present is that there was human body

In the past called as Jesus and at present that human body does not exist.

You have seen Jesus, no doubt, I agree and give value to your pure devotion.

You have seen the energetic body of Jesus now, therefore, there are two bodies

The past human body made of matter and energy and the present energetic body

Which is made of only radiation, now Jesus should not mean any of these two bodies.

In such case there should be two Jesuses, i.e., the climax of the foolishness.

There is only one Jesus who is embedded in the two bodies as the common entity.

You please analyse atleast your own word “God in Flesh”, what does this mean?

Do you mean that the flesh is God? In such case you should say “Flesh-God”.


Your own word clearly indicates two separate items called God and Flesh.

God in Flesh means that God is present in the Flesh, which is the human body.

You are uttering a word and you don’t analyse your own word! I pity you!

If you say “Water in Vessel”, it means Water and Vessel are separate items.

Water can be in another Vessel also, Water can be in a bottle also.

Water can be in a pot also and Water can be in a jug also,

Similarly, God can be in several human bodies like Jesus, Krishna etc.,

When you utter the word Jesus, does it mean God or Flesh? Since both God and Flesh

Are not one and same, you must specify the meaning of the word Jesus.

You have used a third word apart from the two words God and Flesh.

Your third word should mean either God or Flesh or some other third item

If you mean both God and Flesh put together as the meaning for the word Jesus,

Then, the Flesh is not seen now because you mean that old human body only as Flesh.

Now this means that half of the meaning of the word Jesus disappeared.

Therefore, the word Jesus can have only the half meaning i.e., God.

Since God is omni-present, God did not disappear with that Flesh.

Therefore, the best solution is that the word Jesus represents the eternal God.

Now you can say that Jesus will come again because the eternal God can come


Again in some other Flesh, if you mean Flesh only by the word Jesus,

Jesus will never come again because that Flesh can never appear again.

That Flesh was decomposed into molecules and atoms and merged in the world.

How can you bring back those particular molecules and atoms from the nature

And again construct the same Flesh? If that is possible you can bring any dead person

In the similar way and that dead decomposed human body should reappear.

Take the help of logic and Science also in discussing the spiritual points.

When God is the source of this entire creation or nature, He is the source of

All the Knowledge with the help of which, you can discriminate the truth and false.

After analysing and fixing the goal, then you can have firm blind belief.

During the fixation of goal you should not be blind and should not be

Carried away by other blind fellows, after reaching the Delhi city

You can close your eyes and you may roam in any direction, you are in Delhi.

But while traveling towards Delhi you should be very alert and proceed in the

Correct path only, if you roam as you like you cannot reach the Delhi city.


Therefore, Jesus will come again means that the Human Incarnation will come

Again and again for every generation in order to avoid the partiality.

God is impartial and should not bless only one generation, according to you

There is no human rebirth and then if one human generation was only blessed

By the association of Holy Jesus, what about the other human generations

Which have no rebirth and have lost the golden chance of association of

Holy Jesus forever? What about the human generations present in other countries

Which did not even hear about Jesus though they existed at that time?

There was no fault from their side since at that time other countries are not

Having interlinks and the communication gap was not their mistake.

Jesus should have communicated to other countries by His special power.

In such cash at least some people might have run to His place and might have

Had the golden association of Holy Jesus, since He was only the Saviour.

Now you may say that one can worship Jesus because He is eternal.


Very good, because at least the communication is given to all the countries.

But what about those unfortunate people who did not have even this opportunity?

Today I shall go to hell because I do not believe Jesus even though you told me

About Jesus so much, but what about those ancient people who did not even

Hear the name of Jesus just because of the communication gap existed.

God should have communicated to all the countries about Jesus at that time.

God is omnipotent and for Him it would have been very easy to do so.

Your rigid concept is making your own God partial and impotent.

The only way to solve this problem is to accept that God came

To all the countries simultaneously in different Human forms and preached

The same spiritual knowledge in different languages on this earth.

Now the problem is solved because there is no necessity for the God

To communicate about Jesus to other countries, since same Jesus came

To all the countries simultaneously and taught the same knowledge.


Now God became impartial and can remain omnipotent in this matter.

To suit different cultures, the same human incarnation might have come

In different names and with different dress to suit into different civilizations.

Now the Bible and the Gita are one and the same subject wise, different language wise.

By this did you loose the greatness of Jesus in any way? In fact, His greatness

Is multiplied several times, if you say that your teacher has gone abroad

And gave lectures in their languages, you feel your teacher is very great.

Similarly your Jesus has come to all the countries and taught the same subject

When your teacher goes abroad, is he not wearing the dress of that country?

So far never Jesus came in the same form and never Krishna came

In the same form, Jesus says that He will come again and Krishna says

That He will come to this earth whenever the spirituality and justice

Are disturbed, you say that Jesus did not die when he was crucified.


Similarly Hindus say that Krishna never died and He was eternal.

But no body has seen Jesus or Krishna in the same Human body, never!

People might have seen some energetic forms, which are not physical.

Since Jesus has several super powers, He came in different human forms

To all the countries simultaneously and gave the same benefit to all.

Don’t you agree that Jesus can have this super power? If you agree that

He had all types of super powers, then there is no contradiction in this point.

Moreover, the use of such super power to come simultaneously to all countries

To teach the same spiritual knowledge makes Jesus impartial Father.

This also supports that Jesus created this entire Universe and is Father of all

The human beings scattered in different countries on this earth.

This concept broadens the personality of Jesus to unimaginable boundaries,

Where as your concept limits Him to a limited body limited to a particular time only.


A Hindu Devotee:

The conversion of one religion to another religion is frequently happening

Between Hinduism and Christianity, what are the reasons for this?



Hinduism is a mother religion and Buddhism is its off spring.

Similarly, Islam is a mother religion and Christianity is its off spring.

Buddhism went out of India crossing the borders and thus

Hinduism is the mother without its child, Islam does not allow

Christianity to come near and thus it is a child devoid of its mother’s love.

Therefore, both Hinduism and Christianity are intensively and quickly

Attracted to each other, Swami Vivekananda was appreciated by Christians

In the Chicago city and you can find lot of Hindus in India are converted

Into Christianity, this shows that there is a special attraction between these two.

Jesus left His native place when He was Sixteen years old and moved in Himalayas.

There is a hill called “Tekate Town” in Kashmir, which means the place where

God lived, on this hill Jesus did long penance for fourteen years, then only

He went to His native place and performed all the miracles and preached

The divine knowledge there, He was crucified when He was thirty two years old.

On Crucification He did not die and for this the evidence is that when a soldier

Pierced His stomach with his weapon, blood came out and the soldier thought that

Jesus died but he did not know that blood will not come out from dead body.

When the body of Jesus was placed in the cave, He was in the state of Samadhi.

He became conscious on the third day and this is possible for His super power.


Jesus told that He will destroy the church and raise it in three days.

People took this statement in external sense and charged Him for this.

The internal meaning of Jesus was different, church means His own body.

That statement indicates that He will be alive in three days after crucification.

Thus Jesus always spoke in symbolic language and with figures of speech.

He was a great Scholar and when such a great divine Scholar speaks

We should not take the words in the external sense as if He was an ordinary man.

Similarly, when He told that Jesus will come again, it means that this type of

Human incarnation or God in Flesh will come again, similarly, when He spoke

The word father, it means the creator or God and not His father, Joseph.

Similarly, Shirdi Sai Baba died and doctors examined thoroughly and declared

That Baba was dead, Baba was in Samadhi for three days in the same state.

On third day Baba came back alive and this is exactly a similar incident.

From the cave Jesus walked out and met all His disciples with the same body.

Thomas doubted and touched the wounds of the hands also for a proof.


From there Jesus reached Kashmir and frequently toured all over India.

He was holding spiritual discussions with Hindu preachers frequently.

When He met a king called Salivahana in India, the king asked Him about Him.

He replied that He was the son of the Lord and was born to a virgin, He told that

He propagated spiritual knowledge among Muslims, You should remember that

The word Christianity came only after Him, this reply given by Him was recorded

In the ‘Bhavishya Purana’ written by Sage Vyasa about the future history.

Vyasa wrote this about five thousand years back in the time of Dwapara Yuga.

The actual Sanskrit verse written by Vyasa was “Esa putramcha Mam viddhi

Kumari Garbha Sambhavam, Mlechcha Dharmasya Vaktaram”,

Thus Jesus was almost a Hindu and He was amalgamated with Hinduism.

Jesus lived up to the age of eighty five years and His burial tomb is present

In Kashmir on which the word Jesus Christ was written in Hebrew language.


If you utter the words Christ and Krishna, don’t you feel a similar sound?

That similar sound is the common God present in both, only Flesh differed.

Both were born as Shepard or cowboy, in both cases the evil king tried

To kill this divine boy and children born on that day were killed in both cases.

Both tried to change the evil people by taking lot of strain in preaching.

Krishna tried His maximum to preach Duryodhana to avoid the battle.

Only as a last resort the Kauravas were killed and miracle was shown

By Krishna to Duryodhana, which was the divine vision of Vishwarupam.

Similarly, Jesus tried to preach the evil priests by showing several miracles.

But they did not listen and were finally thrown into the permanent hell.

In both cases death was similar, Christ died by nailing of the feet and hands

Krishna died by the sharp arrow that was shot on His foot.

In both cases the divine blood came out, thus Krishna is almost a Christian.

In philosophies of both Hinduism and Christianity similarities clearly exist.

The Hindu philosophy was constituted by three preachers who are called as

Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva, who founded the three doctrines in Hinduism.

The Advaita philosophy of Shankara says that the Human body while God exists in it

Should be treated as God Himself like the alive wire is treated as current itself.

This concept is reflected when Jesus says the He and His father are one and the same.

The second Vishishtaadvaita Philosophy of Ramanuja says that God is the complete

Main item and the human incarnation is a part of God, this relationship

Was called as “Sesha-Seshi Sambandha”, this reflects when Jesus says that

He was son and the God was His father, the father and son are different people,

But they are related by the same blood, the third philosophy of Madhva is Dvaita

Which says that the human incarnation is a messenger and God is His master

This gives the relationship of Master and Servant, this is again reflected

When Jesus said that He was a messenger sent by God and in fact this

Line of Philosophy is exactly Islam, Jesus would have remained as the messenger

In the Islam Religion, had He limited Himself to Master-Servant relationship only.

Then Christianity could not have been born but Jesus climbed the other two steps also

And stated that He was the son of the Father and that He was the father Himself.

In Hinduism these three philosophies already existed in the Vedas and the Gita.

The three preachers came and just brought out those existing philosophies.

When you can translate the philosophy of Jesus from Hebrew Language to English,

Can’t you translate the external form of Jesus into other divine forms of

Other religions? In translating the Bible from Hebrew to English, only

The meaning is transferred but not the external language, similarly, when God

Comes in another human incarnation, the inner knowledge form called as God

Only is transferred and the external flesh form is not carried on.

As you translate the words of Jesus from His mother tongue into another language,

You also translate the God present in that Flesh into another Flesh.

Don’t bother about the external language like form, concentrate on the

Inner meaning like God, if you cannot recognize the same God in another

Human incarnation and if you are rigid that Flesh by name Jesus was the only God,

I imagine the similar situation, one says that the Bible in the Hebrew language

Is only the Bible and the Bible in English language is not at all the Bible.

Similarly, Krishna is Sanskrit language and Jesus is Hebrew language.

The common God present in both is the same meaning of the Gita and the Bible.


Therefore, Hindus should not be worried if Hindus are converted into Christians.

Similarly, Christians should not be worried if Christians are converted into Hindus.

Christianity and Hinduism are the two portions of a single room partitioned by

A weak wooden board, and this board is nothing but the difference in the culture,

Language and civilization only, both these religions are a single room temporarily

Partitioned by a wooden board and that single room is in the house of our

Universal Spirituality, a Hindu should not be worried even if all the people in the

World are converted into Christians and a Christian should not worry even if all

The Christians are converted into Hindus, both are twins born at a time.

Even if you are converting, what is that you have converted? Tell Me after analysis.

You have only converted the external culture, civilization and language.

The internal substance is exactly one and same, the Gita is a translation of the Bible

From English to Sanskrit and the Bible is a translation of the Gita from Sanskrit to English.

Will there be any difference in the meanings of two translated books? Similarly,

Krishna and Jesus are two roles in two dramas in which a single actor, God, exists.

There is one God and one Scripture only for Hindus and Christians if they open eyes.

Don’t give value to the external form and language but give the entire value to the

Internal sanctifying power, which is called as God, This God is called as

Brahman by Hindus and Jehovah by Christians, the Holy spirit of Christians

Is nothing but the super power of knowledge, love and sacrifice

Called as Maya by Hindus, when you convert a Hindu into a Christian, He had changed

Just his name, dress, language, food habits, culture and civilization only.

The converted Christian believes Jesus as God in Flesh but he already believed

Krishna as God in Flesh in Hinduism, no change in the concept.

Thus there need not be any anxiety in the conversions, which is foolishness only.

You are only changing the external vessel but the medicine is one and the same.

Both Hindus and Christians should be worried if a theist is converted into

Atheist, then he has gone out of our house of Universal Spirituality.

In whatever religion one may be present he is in the same house only.

When a Christian helps a poor Hindu, He should feel that he has helped

A poor theist, the Hindu need not become Christian for his financial help.

If you are helping a beggar you are helping based on his poverty.

Will any body ask the beggar to change his name and dress for help?

When you say that your God created the entire Universe, all the human beings

In all the countries are naturally your brothers only, help your brother.

If your conversions are aimed on political views, I discard all of you.

Jesus discarded a revolutionist when he approached Jesus on political basis.

He thought that the new kingdom of Jesus means the independent country

Liberated from the Roman Rule, but the kingdom of Jesus means the rule of

God on this earth, which is underlying the rule of any party in any country.

If conversions mean the increase in the number of Christians or Hindus

As in the case of the politicians, whose lives are based on the number of legislatures

Of the Assembly only, in that case I give a permanent farewell to both

Hinduism and Christianity, you are thinking about the number to be

The greatness of a religion but Jesus told that He will be present where

Two or three people assemble, He stated that His path is very narrow and

Only one or two people will be traveling in it, He also stated that the path leading

To the hell has a big majority; similarly, Krishna told in the Gita that one in millions

Can only know Him really and further stated that a real devotee should not be

Liking a big crowd in the spiritual effort, this means that both want minority only.

What is the use of millions of stones? A few diamonds are far valuable.

The people who cannot follow the inner spiritual knowledge of the Bible and the Gita

Think to change from one religion to the other, but the same knowledge exists in both.

One student feels difficult in studying a standard in a particular school

And wants to change the school but he has to enter in same standard there also.

One school is in Hindi medium and the other school is in English Medium.

Only the languages are different but the standard of the syllabus is same.

In fact the student should be de-promoted to the lower class and both the schools

Contain all the standards and thus no need of changing the school.

He must try to increase his standard in his own school and mere change

In the language will not solve the problem of the student in any way.

The poor Hindus are converted into Christianity attracted by financial aid.

The Christian rich people are very generous and kind hearted always.

They are broad-minded also because they give funds even to Hindu spiritual

Centers like Ramakrishna Mission etc., the West is famous for practical sacrifice

And practical generosity, which is the real essence of the spiritual knowledge.

This is called as Karma Phala Tyaga in the Gita, which means sacrifice of fruit of work

Which is money and the East must learn this practical aspect from the West.

Let the rich Indians become generous and sacrifice the fruit of the work

To their fellow-Hindus who are poor, then the conversions are arrested.

Neither you donate nor allow the poor to get aid from others! Very Great!!

But the Western people also must learn from Indians or East

In one point that is the deep logical analysis of any point before acceptance.

The Western people are generally emotional and lack the deep analysis.

Hindus are very famous in the logical analysis and the meta-physics

Developed in India is an ocean, thus the Western Christians should learn

The theoretical philosophy, which consists of deep logical analysis

Before arriving at any conclusion, conclusion should not be blind based

And emotional, thus both should exchange theoretical and practical aspects

And both should become complete in both the fields, Christians and Hindus

Are two students of a single teacher, Christian is good in Physics, which is practical

Hindu is good in Mathematics, which is purely theoretical, the teacher wishes

That both His students help each other so that each becomes good in both subjects.


Like this ends the twelfth chapter (Adhyaya) of “ROHITA GITA”, which is named as “The Correlation Between Hinduism And Christianity” (Hindu Chraistava Mata Samanvaya Yoga).