Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 13 Feb 2005




Swami! In the Quran, it is stated that Mohammad is not father of any one.

Further it is stated there that He is the last Prophet sent by God.

What is the inner meaning of this, if this verse is genuine statement?



Oh Rohit! You have picked up very crucial concept of spirituality.

This statement is original and therefore it entered your mind.

The inner meaning of this verse is based on the angle, which you take

For the word Mohammed, here the word Mohammed stands only

For the external human form and not the internal eternal God.


Islam does not agree to the concept of human incarnation.

When the Bible says the word Jesus, it means the internal eternal God.

When the Gita says Krishna, He means the same eternal God.

Because both Christianity and Hinduism believe God in flesh.

We need not criticize Islam for not believing Human Incarnation,

Because the main idea is that there is always misuse of this concept.

The human beings claim themselves as human incarnations.

Every human being following the philosophy of Advaita in Hinduism

Feels that he is the Lord, this is very dangerous extrapolation.

Even devils and demons claimed themselves as eternal God

By doing certain miracles after achieving some super powers.

All these dangerous misleading cases harm the devotees.

In the name of idol worship also, priests have exploited devotees.

They keep idols in front and rob the wealth of devotees.

To avoid all these misleading misused concepts, Islam sorted

To the worship of formless aspect of God, we appreciate this.

But because of misuses we cannot deny basic system itself.


If copying is happening, it should be arrested by taking care.

We cannot cancel the very examination system for the fear of

This misuse, we are not avoiding the journey by buses and trains

Due to possibility of accidents, the human incarnation is important.

That is the only path to reach God as said by Jesus because

The human beings approach God only through human form.

The devotees can get full satisfaction and full guidance only

From the human incarnation and not from any other form of God.

Of course, if you fear for the exploitation of this concept here,

It is better to stick to formless God or God through statues.

But you should be prepared for the disadvantages in the above ways.

You will also loose the golden chance provided by God for your sake.


Yet, Islam should be appreciated because avoiding danger is good.

Such decision was taken by Islam depending on the circumstances

And the atmosphere prevailed over the society during the time of Mohammed.

We should understand the religion from the point of the circumstances

And the environment that existed during the propagation at that time.

But now the scientific logical analysis is well developed and one need not fear

For the exploitation by the false human incarnations who can be easily

Identified, so you should not avoid the system in the present circumstances.

Islam is not a new concept to the Hinduism because in Hinduism

The philosophy of Madhva says the same and preaches that the Lord

Can never become the human being nor vice versa and this is also stated

By Jesus when He told that He was the Messenger sent by God.

Thus Islam agrees with Hinduism and Christianity in its basic concept.


In this statement, the word Father means God who is called as Allah

By Islam, as Jehovah by Christianity and as Brahman by Hinduism.

The word Father indicates the creator who created this world as His issue.

God is above imagination, logic, intelligence, mind and words

As said by the Veda and therefore creator cannot be named by any word.

The creator or Brahman is indicated by silence only and not by any word.

Therefore, the word “Mohammed” means certainly not the God

In the human body and the word Mohammed indicates body only.

A body cannot create another body unless God wishes to create a child.

The human body is only an apparent father and mother but not really.

Therefore, the human body represented by a word can neither be father

Nor Mother, the Gita says “Aham Beejapradah pita” which means that

The Lord alone is creator and hence the real father of the child.


Here according to the main philosophy of Islam, Mohammed indicating body

Can never be the father because the father cannot be represented by any word.

In Christianity Jesus told that He and his father are one and the same and therefore

In Christianity the word Jesus stands for the creator, similarly in Hinduism

Krishna told directly that He is the Father because the word Krishna stands for

The creator and not for the human body, there is no difference in these scriptures.

Because the inner God and the external human body are separate items.

Nobody says that external human body is God because when the body dies,

God is not dyeing since God is eternal, the Gita says the same.

Avyaktam Vyaktimapannam” which means that the invisible God is not

Modified into the human body so that both become one and the same.

Really the two items have not become one, the Gita clearly explains this.

When God entered the human body and pervaded all over the body,

Such body acts as God like a live wire acts as the electricity itself.

When the human incarnation dies, the human body is destroyed but

The internal God remains eternal and He is not destroyed with the body.


The electricity can be withdrawn from the wire but as long as the current flows

The electric wire is treated as current for all practical purposes, no other way.

The current cannot be experienced directly, it can be experienced only

Through the wire and so it is inevitable to treat the current as wire itself.

Therefore, there is no contradiction between Hinduism and Christianity with Islam.

In all the three religions God and flesh are separate items, no doubt here.

Since there is no other alternative, we treat the flesh as God Himself.

The word God in flesh itself reveals the two separate items, God and flesh.

Even during the passage of current you can say that current and wire are separate.

It is only an angle of view, you can treat both as one and the same and that is

Another angle of view, both are Dvaita and Advaita respectively.

Mohammed told that He was the last prophet because He did not like

Another false human incarnation to come and mislead and exploit the mass.

It is only to avoid the danger of exploitation of cunning human beings.


There is also external meaning for this statement in the sacred scripture.

Mohammed adopted a son and got him married to his own aunt’s daughter.

But the couple divorced each other and she married Mohammed and this was

Objected by the fellow beings and therefore Mohammed states here in the name of

God as the word of God that the adopted son can never be the actual son.

Therefore, she cannot be the daughter in law of Mohammed since he is not

His son and in the same chapter He says that the actual father and mother

Cannot change and the adopted relationship is not true and He further states

That the adopted son can be only a brother or a fellow being only in this world.

This comes in the fourth and fifth verses of the same chapter and this also

Has internal meaning, here with reference to the real relationship the adopted

Relationship is false, this indicates that within the cinema again another cinema

Exists and the relationships in the second cinema are false with reference to first

Cinema, the relationships in the first cinema are again false compared to actual life.


Similarly, the adopted relationship is false with reference to the real father-son bond.

But this actual father-son bond is again false compared to God father-son bond.

Just like all the adopted sons are only fellow beings with reference to the actual son,

All the actual relationships are also false with reference to the relationship with God.

Thus the external meaning indicates lot of spiritual knowledge for detachment.

One can see in the Book called Astha Vakara Samhita in which it is stated

That the mother and son in this birth may become wife and husband in next birth.

We can see this in films, two actors acting as mother and son in one cinema

Act as wife and husband in another cinema, neither they were mother and son in

The first cinema nor they were couple in the second cinema, their relationship was

Only that they are two co-actors, but their relationship with the owner of the drama

Is permanent as employer-employee relationship exists always, similarly all the family

Bonds are false compared to relationship with the God. This concept is explained

With the help of a model in the world itself which is the real bond and

The adopted bond as explained by Mohammed in this statement clearly.


Buddha was also a human incarnation like Mohammed or Jesus or Krishna

But Buddhism does not speak about a word about God and therefore we cannot

Say that Buddha is at least Messenger of God, there is better approach in Islam,

But actually the silence about God in Buddhism does not mean atheism

Since Buddhists have misunderstood the silence of Buddha about the God.

Buddhism is off spring of Hinduism, which has left its mother and went abroad.

Islam is mother of Christianity and does not allow its own child to come near.

Thus Islam, the childless mother and Buddhism the motherless child has

Similar psychologies and can be co-related together, Hinduism crying for child

And Christianity crying for mother comes together very closely in concepts.


Buddhism keeps silent about God and this was misunderstood as atheism.

Buddhists thought that Buddha kept silent since God does not exist at all.

Buddhism is an offspring of Hinduism and Buddha is treated as God in flesh.

Buddha is in the list of Ten Human Incarnations of the Lord and if you say

That Buddha denied God it means he denied himself, moreover Buddhists say

Buddham Saranam Gachchami, which means that they surrender to Buddha.

Atleast this means that they treat Buddha greater than themselves and so

Buddha can be treated as Messenger of God in view of the Buddhists.

Islam also treats Mohammad as Messenger of the God. Similarity exists

In both the religions in this aspect of Human Incarnation and this is

Existing in both Hinduism and Christianity as one branch of philosophy.

In Hinduism the Dvaita philosophy of Madhva says that God is always

Master and any human being can be only His Servant, the Messenger.

Christianity also speaks that Jesus is a special Messenger of God.

Thus there is a correlation between the four religions in this point.

The meaning in the silence of Buddha is a divine secret of knowledge.

The Veda says that God or Brahman is beyond words, mind and intelligence

And all logic and imagination, this means God can be represented only

By silence, Lord Dakshina Murthy explained God through silence only.

The same is said “Mauna vyakhya prakatita Parabrahma tatvam”.

Buddha was born in India and He was Hindu and studied all Hindu scriptures.

Therefore, he kept silent about God like Lord Dakshina Murthy in Hinduism.

I wonder how Hindus treated Him as an atheist, actually His followers

The Buddhists became atheists by misunderstanding His silence on God.

Shankara condemned the atheism of Buddhists and never condemned Buddha.

Therefore, there is no contradiction between Hinduism and Buddhism.

God of Buddha is unimaginable and hence cannot be given any name.

But Islam gave the name Allah to God and called God as formless one.

Unimaginable is different from formless, you should carefully differentiate

These two words, unimaginable means that which is above form and formless.

The creation contains two types of items, the first type are formless items

Like space, air, and cosmic energy pervading all over the universe and

These formless items do not have either beginning or end and no limits.

Since the boundaries are not seen, they are called as formless objects.

These formless items can be imagined by our intelligence and so imaginable.

Thus God of Buddha was unimaginable and God of Islam was imaginable

But formless, God in flesh means the human body, which is a limited form

Into which God entered and pervaded all over the human body.

God in space or energy means the unlimited space or energy into which

God entered and pervaded all over the space or energy, thus Allah is

An Incarnation only, He is the space- incarnation or energy- incarnation.

In this way, Islam is not different from Hinduism and Christianity.

The human body or space or energy is only an item of creation.

The creator enters any item of creation and pervades all over it and in such case

Such item is called as incarnation, Mohammad is human incarnation.

The concept is the same in all the incarnations whether it is human body or space.

Allah is spatial incarnation and Mohammad is Human Incarnation.

Brahman of Hinduism, Jehovah of Christianity and Allah of Islam are one and the same.

All these terms are spatial incarnations of God who is beyond words.

Once you give a name to God, He becomes an Incarnation and not the original

God who is one only without any item of creation and remains as creator only.


God is the creator and is represented by no name and silence is only His name.

The creator is represented by the silence of Buddha and this creator is not associated

With any item of creation and is only the single purest God indicated by Buddha.

But any human being cannot worship such God since He exists beyond

The four-dimensional space-time model of Science, the intelligence of any human being

Cannot cross this model under any circumstances and so such God is unimaginable.

We cannot call Him formless or any form because both formless and form belong to

The creation and so the creator without the creation is indicated by silence only.

When He is unimaginable, how can you give any name to that God?

In this angle, Science is also justified, which keeps silent about God.

Thus, Science is not atheism and great scientists were full believers in God.

Atheists are only foolish conservative scientists and thus Science is also

A Religion containing Scholars who are the true scientists and foolish scientists

Who are atheists, in every religion we find both these categories.

Therefore, the formless God of Islam is different from the unimaginable

God of Buddhism, the Buddhist God is the original purest and highest form.

The formless God of Islam is a spatial incarnation of God, both look similar.

Buddhism consists of the original God indicated by silence and the God in flesh

Is Buddha Himself, Islam consists of Allah the spatial incarnation and

Mohammed who is the God in Flesh, thus both look similar in these aspects.


What is the reason for Islam not to accept the human incarnation?

Even Mohammed said that He was only the servant of God and He did not claim

Himself as the human incarnation, even though He Himself knows the truth

That He is the God in Flesh like Buddha or Krishna or Jesus.

This reason enlightens the greatness of Islam Religion.

Once a real human incarnation is accepted, several fraud human incarnations

Claim themselves as God and mislead the spiritual aspirants for their selfish ends.

In fact such concept was so much polluted and got so much diluted

So that every human being started thinking that he himself is God.

In Hinduism this misinterpretation rules the minds of several people

Even today and most people think “Aham Brahmaasmi”, which means

“I am God”, people say that service to human beings is service to God

Because every human being is God only, Shankara condemned this concept

Which was a religion called Loka Sevaka Matam, when Jesus was worshipped

By a lady who was using some special scent to wash His divine lotus feet,

A disciple told that the cost of the scent could have been used to serve the beggars

The disciple thought that service to society is better than the personal service

Of the Lord, but Jesus immediately replied, “Let her do this service, beggars

Are always present in this world but I come rarely to this world”, this shows

That the Lord is far greater than the society and the social service is valid only

When the Lord gives permission to do so, because the saviour is the Lord

And not the society, thus the background of Islam should be properly understood.


In this concept it resembles the Dvaita philosophy of Madhva who says that

Every human being is only a servant of the Lord and can never become the Lord.

Hanuman was very great by His knowledge, devotion and super powers

Yet, He never claimed that He is the Lord, He always claimed that He is

The servant of the Lord, thus Islam and Hinduism resemble here.

The human incarnation does not mean that the God is modified into human body.

It means that the God is hidden in the human body like the Sun in the cloud.

Therefore, the human incarnation is said as God in flesh, the Gita also clears this.


The Gita says “Manusheem tanumaasritam”, which means that God entered the human body.

The Gita further says “Avyaktam Vyaktimapannam”, which means that the unimaginable

God did not become the imaginable human body because here God entered the body.

Thus there is no contradiction between the three religions in this point.

The only difference is that Islam treated the human incarnation as a human being

In whom the power of God entered like the sunlight of Sun entering a lens.

Sun did not enter the lens and hence the lens cannot be treated as the Sun.

Such human incarnation is also accepted in Hinduism as ‘Kala Avatara’

Which means that the Kala or the energy of God entered the human being.


Kapila was considered as Kala Avatara of the Lord and thus Hinduism.

Includes Islam but Hinduism extends the concept by saying that

Sometimes when it is necessary God can directly enter the human body and

Such human incarnation is called as Pari Purna Avatara like Lord Krishna.

But every human being claimed that he is Lord Krishna and started doing all

Kinds of mischief like stealing, dancing with girls etc., but no body

Lifts the mountain to protect the devotees! To avoid this extrapolation

And misinterpretation of mischievous people, Islam denied the human incarnations


For the safety of the spiritual path of the devotees, it is good prevention.

But in view of the ancient innocent people at that time when science did not grow

Such prevention is valid but now in this advanced scientific age that is not

Necessary as one should understand the concepts with reference to the stage of

The devotees prevailing in that time, thus in Hinduism is also Shankara was

Surrounded by Buddhists and scholars of rituals who were strong atheists.

Therefore, He could not introduce the concept of human incarnation and

The establishment of existence of God itself was very hectic effort.


Ramanuja introduced qualified God since He was surrounded by theists who were

Feeling difficult to meditate upon formless God and then Madhva came

Who was surrounded by very strong devotees and He introduced Hanuman

As the servant of the human incarnation of the Lord, thus the religion must be

Understood with reference to the prevailing circumstances and should not be taken

As absolute and consistent single concept for all the stages of times.


Buddha was God in flesh but since Buddhists do not recognize the existence of God

Buddha was thought as the greatest human being and was respected by Buddhists.

The Gita calls such greatest human being as Purushothama, but one should think

The reason for the human being to become greatest not based on human effort.

The reason is certainly existence of the power of God or God himself directly.

In any case God should be accepted who is greater than the creation.

In the creation human being is the greatest created item but when Buddha is

Greater than the greatest human being which means greatest among human beings.


He must be God only because God is greater than the greatest human being.

Buddha kept silent about God because God is beyond words and imagination.

When Buddhists say “Buddham Saranam” which means that they surrender

To Buddha who is Purushothama or God and thus Buddhists are also theists.

Muslims consider Mohamed as the messenger of God, what does this mean?

According to Islam Allah is pervading all over the creation or His power is

Pervading all over the creation, in this case He or His power is present

In all the human beings equally, in such case Mohammed cannot be special

Because the power of God is pervading in all the human beings equally.

If you say that Mohammed is special he must have excess power of God.

Then that excess power is devoted by the word God, because God means

The supernatural power, which is beyond the natural power of God, that is

Present in all the human beings, which is denoted by the word natural power.

Thus God is in Mohammed and he became greatest among all the human beings.

Hinduism and Christianity accept the God in flesh called as human incarnation

Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus and Krishna are the human incarnations on this earth.


Mohammed stated that he was last prophet and this resembles the Kalki in Hinduism.

Kalki, the last human incarnation out of the ten incarnations of the Lord also

Travels on the divine horse with a divine sword in the hand fighting with evil men.

Similarly Mohammed also moved on the horse with a sword in the hand fighting

With the false preachers who brought diversity in the single spirituality.

He tried to unite all the religions then existed and founded single spirituality.

He preached the concept of one God, this indicates that the religions quarrelling

With each other with different Gods will be punished by the God through the hell.

There is a limit for preaching also and the teacher has to take finally cane.

Mohammed respected Jesus as the prophet and Jesus is the climax of love

In the preaching but the students who are the human beings crucified him.


Therefore, the next prophet, Mohammed has taken the rod in his hand.

Similarly Buddha the Ninth Incarnation taught with highest kindness.

But people do not follow his main preaching which is the non- violence

He was against killing any bird or any animal or any human being on this earth.

But one continues to kill birds and animals for food though plenty of

Vegetables are available created by God, they continue to kill each other also

For the sake of women, wealth, religion and therefore, the next incarnation is

Kalki who will set right the society with the sword in hand like Mohammed.

Therefore the word last incarnation used by Mohammed indicates that

The last incarnation is always like police dealing the thieves through third degree.

But remember that before taking the rod the Lord always tried His level best.


Mohamed tried to remove, about three hundred religions having separate Gods

He finally established one God for all the humanity and such single God is given

The name Allah in His language, the same Allah is Jehovah in Christianity and

Brahman in Hinduism and is indicated by silence in Buddhism by Buddha.

Today again a similar situation is coming up in the entire world and different

Religions are fighting each other and converting people from one to other religion.

When this situation reaches climax the same Mohammad will come again

In the name of Kalki, History always repeats again and again, remember that

The same Horse and the same sword indicate the concept of one God

In Mohammed and Kalki and fighting with the evil people is also common.

Before Kalki comes Buddha came already and Buddha was a simple extrapolation

Of Lord Krishna because Krishna preached the Nishkama Karma Yoga which means

The service without any selfish desire, Buddha preached the removal of desire.

Therefore, Buddha stressed the root point of preaching of Krishna, the future Kalki

Is very powerful because He is going to deal with the whole universe.


Kalki climbs a white horse, which runs with lightning speed and the sword in His hand

Is made of the most powerful energy, which is nothing but present nuclear energy.

Mohammed concentrated to a small region for uniting three hundred religions.

Kalki will concentrate on the whole universe to unite the present five or six religions.

In the previous case the area was small and so people were less in number though

The number of religions was very large, but in the future case the area and the number of

People is very large though the number of religions is very less, therefore once again

The Lord is making the final attempt in view of this seriousness of future situation.

Now the Lord has come down in this very human body to make the final attempt.


The sword in the present human incarnation is the most powerful divine knowledge.

This divine knowledge is more powerful even than the nuclear energy because

By the nuclear power the human being may be killed but will be born again

With the same evil concepts of wrong knowledge and so the problem is not solved.

But this spiritual knowledge now coming from the Lord will certainly change the people.


Kalki will cut the heads of people with His sword of nuclear power but the present

Human incarnation will cut the rigid determinations present in the heads, which alone

Can change the people for ever and if this final attempt succeeds, all are blessed

This earth will become a divine abode of God or Brahma Loka and the Hell can be

Permanently removed from this creation, all of you see the inner divine core.


External human body is the shirt of the Lord, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed.

Only the names of the shirts which are the different colours externally appearing differ.

Do not give any importance to the colour of the shirt, the shirt is also one and the same.

Every human body is made of the same five elements and thus the human bodies

Present in human incarnation are one and the same by material and the Lord in the shirt

Is also one and the same, the colour of the shirt is the name, language and culture only.

The lightning Horse in the present Human Incarnation is this White Computer

Which reaches all the regions of the world with the same lightning speed of Horse.

My friends! You will see the same single divinity if you cross the superficial barriers.