Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 13 Apr 2024


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Swami answers devotees' questions

1. Can I request Your help?

[Shri Praveen asked: Hello Swami, for past four years, I had tough time in my life. I need Your guidance to overcome it. Please can I request Your help.]

Swami replied:- Everyday, for half an hour, please recite the following mantra “Shri Aanjaneya Shri Subrahmanya”. You must do this sincerely for three more years.

2. If one is attracted to a woman by her beauty, will it lead to any relation in future births with her?

[Shri Abhiram Kudala asked: Padanamaskaram Swamy. Swamy, if one is attracted/fascinated to a woman by seeing her/their physical beauty, does it make any relationship with them in coming births? If not, then how come a sage who was fascinated to the deer becomes deer in next birth? If not, and if one who has a strong Control on his mind, can he watch the woman’s physical beauty and enjoy whatever the feeling he is getting through his entire life as he was involved only in thoughts? Regards, Abhiram Kudala]

Swami replied:- The attraction should be from both sides so that a relation can result even in the present birth itself, which may continue in future births also.

3. I hardly feel like doing sacrifice of work to please You. Kindly guide me.

[Shri Soumyadip Mondal asked: Respectful pronaam Swamijee, Recently, the doctor was surprised to see the progress of my mental health. We all know it has happened with Your grace only. On the other side, now I am totally disinterested in worldly activities, which used to give pleasures to me earlier. And I am unable to concentrate upon Your service too. I am hardly feeling like I will be able to do sacrifice of work to please You. Kindly direct me. Your servant, Soumyadip Mondal]

Swami replied:- You are always welcome to do the sacrifice of work for God in the line in which you are very much interested. You will get My guidance as you proceed in the work.

4. If one comes to You for material problems, then isn't he already disqualified from further spiritual journey?

[Shri Jayesh Pandey asked: Padanamaskaram Swami Ji!]

Swami replied:- If the material problems are basic, God will be ready to help you so that you can proceed peacefully in your spiritual journey. Only excessive ambitions are not accepted by God.

5. If one goes to many places for spiritual knowledge, does this make him a characterless person inspite of being a disciple of the Sadguru?

[If one goes to many places in thirst of knowing the aspects of God out of desperateness, does this make him a characterless person inspite of being a disciple of a Sadguru? Below Your Feet , Swami ji!]

Swami replied:- There is nothing wrong in going to many places because exposure to various angles makes the devotee to be more wise and to get involved in sharp analytical discussion with co-devotees.