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Posted on: 04 Jun 2023


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Swami answers questions by Smt. Lakshmi Lavanya

1. Is it right to be satisfied in the matter of God or is it right to never be satisfied?

[Smt. Lakshmi Lavanya K asked: Namaste Swami. Is it right to be satisfied in the matter of God or is it right to never be satisfied? When I met Phani sir I was satisfied that I got the support, but after a few days, dissatisfaction started. When I met You, I thought my life's goal was fulfilled and I was free from depression, but I started feeling unhappy that I would not be able to live with You again. Even though I was enjoying the good memories during the sadsang with our devotees in Your presence, that happiness could not stand before this pain.

You are busy with Your work. Even though I try to satisfy saying that I can't do any service for You except disturbance, my mind is revolting saying that what is wrong in wanting. Hanuman has been my motivation since childhood and my desire is to keep my Sadguru in my heart like Him. After I messaged You the last time, my depression has reduced, thoughts are going in a positive way. This situation is new and strange to me. Please let me know if this is correct or not.]

Swami replied:- You are observing your effort and its result simultaneously. This can be alright in worldly works like typing and simultaneously seeing the screen. In spiritual efforts, you must leave the fruit to God and go on concentrating and continuing your effort without any aspiration in return. You are making a fundamental mistake. Please rectify it.

2. My student asked me to seek Your help in getting a suitable husband for her.

[My student asked me to seek Your help. Alliances are being searched for her marriage. But she seeks Your help to find a suitable husband who will help her in her education and get a job instead of sending her to farm work. She is doing the mantra given by You daily.]

Swami replied:- The mantra given by Sadguru will take care of her. Don’t worry about such worldly issues.

3. Thank You Swami for Your support and guidance.

[Namaste Swami. Thank You Swami for Your support and guidance. I understand now what is true knowledge and true devotion. In previous messages I have said so many negative words. I am very very sorry for that. I sincerely apologise to You and Your devotees. My intention is not to blame anyone, but asking Your help to overcome my negative thoughts. Now I understand that patience is first quality of a true devotee. Please don't blame me because You are the only one with whom I can share my inner thoughts to correct them, You are only one who can help me travel in the right path. Thank You Swami.]

Swami replied:- Read My knowledge completely with patience. You will know everything and you will proceed in the correct spiritual line.

4. Please suggest me a way to control emotions.

[Namaste Swami. As far as I know, I have tried hard for many years to get You in this life, always looked for another way whenever one way is closed. Now that I have found You and so I am relaxed. Happiness has come in my life. Compared to earlier times, my life has become filled with wonders. But You say that emotions are to be controlled and they are wrong. Since You are in human form, it is impossible for me to control my emotions towards You.

Please let me know how to control these emotions and where to divert them. If You give Hanuman as an example, He is an incarnation of Lord Shiva and so He could not express emotion. But, what is the way for me? Please let me know. Thank You Swami.]

Swami replied:- Even though Hanuman is the incarnation of Lord Shiva, He behaved like an ordinary soul only while standing as an example for the devotees. The actor always confines to the manners and suitable discipline of the role only. Hanuman always concentrated on the work of God and not on God. God will be pleased with you for your work done and not because you have opened your eyes and have stared at Him continuously chanting His name. What is the use of such penance? If you help Him in His mission, He will be happy with you.

5. Please explain about the qualities of a servant of God.

[Namaste Swami. Thank You swami]

Swami replied:- The only quality that is required for the best servant of God is to concentrate on His work continuously without remembering anything other than His work.

6. Thank You Swami, Thank You very very much. I love You forever and ever and ever.

[Smt. Lakshmi Lavanya K asked:Namaste swami. I have read Gopika Gitikavali 4 times till now. Truly speaking now, I am fully satisfied with Your knowledge. I am feeling wonderful and enjoying again and again while reading each word of it. You compared vastrapaharanam of Gopikas and Droupadi to tell God is greater than justice, only You can do this. People said to me You are God Datta and You have no emotions, but You said to me on Datta Jayanti day that You are Lord Krishna, now You have proved it. You are an ocean of love, my love and emotions are nothing before You. You said that You incarnated as human to experience love of devotees. Now I am totally convinced. I am feeling like I am in Golokam while reading this. I am tired by telling everyone that God is greater than Justice. Now You have given so many proofs. You said all remaining scriptures are torchlights and Bhagavatam is Sun God. This is awesome. I want to write 10 pages essay, but You said to write in a small paragraph. I am ending with one stanza I mostly like "I am tired thinking and thinking, loving and loving always Him only, He is in Dwaraka there and I am in Brunda here, meeting in poems." Thank You Swami, Thank You very very much. I love You forever and ever and ever.]

Swami replied:- Remember that Gopikas were sages for the past millions of births and completed all the spiritual knowledge. They have entered the second stage of Bhakti Yoga or theoretical devotion. Then, they were tested in their bond with wealth and children, which is karma yoga. The fruit Goloka was obtained after karma yoga only and not mere theoretical Bhakti Yoga.