Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 13 Jun 2024


Swami answers questions of Ms. Thrylokya

1. Is Universal Spirituality possible when some scriptures do not allow worship of other forms of God except theirs?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked:- Paadanamaskaaram Swami. In certain religious scriptures (like Christianity and Islam), statements exist saying that if their form of God is not worshipped and if other forms of God are worshipped, such people shall be killed. In this light, is Secularism (Universal Spirituality) justified?]


Swami replied:- Thousand times I shouted that in absence of direct audio-video record-proof of dictation of the scripture of any religion, all the illogical statements (that can’t be supported by any type of logic) shall be considered as insertions (Prakshiptam) done by bad followers of that specific religion. God is certainly beyond logic, but this does not mean that God will speak illogical things. We are not opposing the scripture written by God, but we are opposing the scripture by saying that all the scripture was not told by God since it contains some portions that are not spoken by God, which were really inserted by bad ignorant egoistic followers of any religion. Every religion, every region, every caste, every gender and every language contains both good and bad souls. Hence, the scripture of any religion contains the original portion spoken by God and certain other portions spoken by the bad followers. If you filter all these insertions decided by sharp and deep logical analysis, the residues leftover on the filter papers of all religions will be exactly one and the same concept dealing with logical statements of one God (Nivrutti), one heaven and one hell (Pravrutti).

Such absurd statements in any scripture can be spoken by ignorant souls but are never spoken by the omniscient God. If anybody follows such insertions due to blind fascination to one’s own religion, God will certainly throw such souls into everlasting liquid fire of hell because such statements bring splits and quarrels in the humanity, destroying the world peace and making God furious. Hence, one shall come out of the blind fascination of his/her religion, region, gender, caste, language, etc., if a soul wants to please God.

2. Can we say that since the Veda is maintained by recitation, insertions are not possible in the Hindu scripture?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked:- Swami, Veda, the scripture of Hinduism was coming by oral recitation generation by generation and hence, such insertions are not possible as said by You. In such a case, there is no danger of insertions in the scripture of Hinduism.]


Swami replied:- Even though it is correct to say that the Veda is not polluted because it was transmitted from one generation to the other through oral recitation, why should we go back from the fire-test of sharp logical analysis if we are sure that there are no insertions in the Veda. If you are sure that your gold is 24 carats, why should you hesitate to come forward to do the acid test? Sita knows that she is perfectly chaste and hence, she herself (not God Rama) proposed the fire-test for her. Somebody may say “Your Veda was also written on palm leaves and people used to recite with the help of written scripture only. Hence, there is every possibility of insertion. Moreover, when you say that audio-video recording-proof is absent while God dictating the scripture, this fact applies to all religions including Hinduism. The fire-test of sharp analysis is based on this point only. Hence, the Veda is also to be tested by sharp logical analysis like the scriptures of all other religions”. Therefore, we shall not say that logical analysis is unnecessary for the Veda and we shall come forward as the first person before anybody.

The scriptures quoted by you (Christianity and Islam) told that if Jehova or Allah is not accepted by anybody, he/she should be killed along with his/her children. Here, there are three points:- i) Jehovah or Allah shall be accepted – this means that Jehovah or Allah does not mean a specific form of God with a specific name. The name of God here means the unimaginable God mediated by any form with any name. You should not take the literal sense (Vaacyaartha), but you should take the implied sense (Lakshanaartha). In this way, you can support the statement. It is only meant for an atheist, who is not accepting God at all. ii) Here, killing an atheist does not mean the actual killing of a person.  Actual killing of a person is literal sense. The implied sense of killing is that the ignorance with which the atheist identifies himself/herself must be killed. You have to take the implied sense and not the literal sense. You must kill the ignorance of the atheist and not him/her personally. God is the Divine Father (Ahaṃ bīja pradaḥ pitā - Gita) and He doesn’t want to kill His children since even the worldly father doesn’t like to do this horrible crime! Every religion accepts God as the Divine Father of all souls of the creation. iii) The above two points can be explained through selection of implied sense and rejection of literal sense. But, killing the innocent children cannot be justified by the above logic. The children are just born, not having even a little time for the scope to evolve for realization. Killing such children in literal sense is very much unjust. Even killing their ignorance in implied sense is not at all possible because they are just born. Hence, killing their children is certainly an insertion, which must be accepted as insertion and must be rejected from the scripture.

Therefore, if it is possible, you can support the concept of God through logic that can be developed by sharp analysis. If such a logic is not possible, you must accept that such point is insertion only and you must reject it from the scripture. Without doing this, blindly accepting every word of the scripture with foolish blind fascination must be rejected by every human being so that the unity of the scriptures will certainly be attained. Only these illogical concepts are splitting the scriptures and their religions to disturb world peace.