Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 03 Jul 2024


Swami answers questions of Shri Vaibhav Pandey

1. I want to know about myself.

[A question by Shri D. Vaibhav Pandey]

Swami replied:- There is nothing in you, which is not known to you. It is only an illusion to think that there is something in you, which is not known to you. If you search for something, which is not known to you because it does not exist in you, you may dig yourself to any extent, you’ll get nothing. It is a false thinking that you are God or God is in you. That may give some satisfaction and encouragement, which are certainly benefits, but the benefits are based on nothing. If you want to enjoy such benefits even though their basis is false, you can go on enjoying them throughout your life. But, don’t expect anything else other than such enjoyment. You are the weakest awareness and hence, the soul must know that it is weakest. The awareness is flowing in tender nerves and the nerves are not damaged at all. This shows that the awareness is the weakest nervous energy. When you realize this truth, you will surrender to God completely in all times of your life.

2. I have a lot of interest in the Vedas. How to learn them?

Swami replied:- The meaning of the word ‘Veda’ is spiritual knowledge because the word ‘Veda’ comes from the root word ‘Vid-Jnaane’. The Veda does not mean the hymns present in Sanskrit language. The Veda means the knowledge given by those hymns and not those hymns in literal sense. Whatever spiritual knowledge you are now getting from Me to these questions is the real Veda because the Veda means the meaning of the word and not directly the word without knowing the meaning. It means a spiritual concept and not language. Language is only a vehicle of communication of knowledge. After knowing the meaning, you have to practice it to get the divine fruit.


3. What is meant by ‘Shakti Paata’ done by Guru?

Swami replied:- You know that knowledge is power and the word ‘Shakti’ also means power. Hence, Shakti means the true and complete spiritual knowledge given by Guru or preacher to you. The word ‘Paata’ means insertion. The insertion of true spiritual knowledge into your brain is called ‘Shakti Paata’. People mistake this as getting some power from Guru with the help of which we can get some benefits. Ignorant and innocent people only think like that.

4. What is meant by surrender and what is meant by meditation?

Swami replied:- This can be well explained by taking the worldly example of a boy loving a girl or vice versa. When the love is true and is in climax, the boy or girl surrenders everything to the loved soul. The lover tells to the loved soul that he/she is prepared to even sacrifice his/her life as a proof for the true love. If God is in the place of the lover, such love is called total surrender or Sarvasva Sharanaagati as told in the Gita (Tameva śaraṇam…). The word ‘meditation’ also can be understood through the above example. The lover is  spontaneously thinking about his/her beloved all the times. Such thinking is the real natural meditation if God exists in the place of that beloved soul. Thinking about somebody by putting effort is not at all meditation. Meditation shall come naturally due to the true love towards God.