Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 02 Apr 2023


Swami stopped the death of an ardent devotee

[By Shri PVNM Sharma]


Padanamaskaram Swami.

I would like to share a recent miracle that happened to me.

On 25th March, I came along with Swamiji to Hyderabad from Vijayawada. Swamiji blessed us by staying at our house for a couple of days. Since from arrival at Hyderabad, I have been suffering with mild fever, cough and related symptoms. I was taking some medicines but the problem is aggravating day by day. In spite of this, I was attending my daily routine including assisting Swamiji by typing answers asked by the devotees.

Between 27-28, my wife (Dr. C. Annapurna) was busy coordinating a seminar and she was equally sick with cough and cold. On the evening of 28th March, Swamiji left to Bolarum. My health condition worsened these days and I was only eating some bread with milk. I could not eat any regular food. My body is weakened due to this development. I was sleeping most of the time on 29th due to severe gastric problem and weakness. On that day evening, Swamiji called me to inquire about my health status and cautioned me to ‘take care.’

To relive myself from the gastric problem, I consumed Dulcolax tablets. Due to restlessness, I could not get proper sleep that night. I recalled Swamiji’s advice and walked for about 20 minutes inside home. Meanwhile, I went to toilet twice and loose motions started. Around 1pm again, I need to get up to go to toilet to relieve myself. I am only aware that I was opening the door knob of toilet and I could not recall what happened to me later. I fell unconscious for some time and during the fall, flush tank cover fell down with a big thud sound.

My wife immediately woke only to see me unconscious in the toilet. My right hand and right leg are twisted like in the case of a paralysis. She splashed some cold water on my face and I was still unaware as what happened. She immediately went to the pooja room and brought the sacred ash which was used to worship Swamiji’s photo. She anointed it on my forehead and started to chant ‘Datta’, ‘Datta’ and ardently prayed Swamiji. In a moment, I come back to my senses and realized what happened to me.

Then I realized that it was a very close shave with death from which Swamiji protected me. When a person is about to die, he passes on urine and stool involuntarily which was happened to me. Had I hit the wall or any other hard surface, I would have afflicted with a big head injury. But it was my Swami Who protected me the from the jaws of death. This is a new birth to me indeed with the unconditional love of Swamiji.

Next day morning, I called and profusely thanked Swamiji for showing His boundless compassion on me. Swamiji smiled and simply replied – ‘how can I neglect you?’. It is a statement told by Shirdi Sai Baba and a Telugu magazine with the same headline (nenu ninnu upekṣintunā?) is also running on Baba.