Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 24 Sep 2021


Understanding the epic Kumaarasambhavam

The criticism on Kumaarasambhavam was about the sex described between God Shiva and God Paarvati.

[A question by Ms. Laxmi Thrylokya]

Swami Replied:- I do not understand why people behave always with hypocrisy. Eating food, drinking water, sleep and sex are the inevitable biological needs of the body of human being be it the body of a devotee or the body of God. People are hypocrites because everybody is a slave of sex in secrecy and in public, resist the importance of sex opposing it as a sin. When God takes a human body as His medium to become Human incarnation, He does not interfere with the properties of the medium so that He can freely mix with human beings by which the human devotees will clarify their doubts without any excitation remaining in ground state. They don’t object the other three biological needs and object only this biological need in the public even though they are unable to resist this biological need personally. Human being is the embodiment of hypocrisy!

Moreover, when food is taken, it is converted into sperm also, which needs exit from the body and automatic exit takes place periodically even if the sex is controlled. Sex is sacred because it helps in extending the race of humanity, which is needed by God for His entertainment. God cannot be entertained with mere inert creation and needs the non-inert human beings also for the sake of His divine drama that takes place to give entertainment to the human incarnation of God. The epic Kumārasambhavam was written by the divine poet called Kālidāsa and the last 8th canto was completely dedicated for the description of their sexual entertainment, which is the basis of production of their son called Kumaara, who alone can kill the demon Taarakaasura. God Brahmaa gave boon to Taarakaasura that only the son of God Shiva can kill him. Taarakaasura asked for this boon because by that time, the wife of God Shiva committed suicide and God Shiva was involved in severe penance and expecting that God Shiva will never remarry, Taarakaasura asked for this boon. Since sex is the basis of the divine service of God, it is depicted on the walls of the temples of God. Ancient Hindus were not hypocrites at least!