Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Sep 2021


Would Muhammad taking part in sex depend on the type of environment He was in?

[Mr. Rayy Light asked: Dear Swami, May Peace and Blessings be upon You, I very much thank You for replying to my previous question. In Your answer, You said, ‘God exhibits certain negative qualities (which are not really negative due to their unknown background) to test the faith of the devotees and to repel the undeserving devotees.

With regards to this, if You look at people like Jesus, He did not hold to any wives nor did He take part in sexual desires, or conduct anything that could be seen as a negative quality. My question is, why Muhammad would take part in sexual desires, having an intercourse with a female slave and having many children while Jesus did nothing of such things. Would this be in relation to the type of environment They were in? Regards, Rayy Light]

Swami Replied:- There is a wide spread story that Jesus also married the prostitute, who was saved by Him from people trying to beat her with stones. My point is that why one should give importance to a biological need like sex? Sex is also one of the biological needs like hunger, thirst and sleep. Among these four needs, why one shall ponder about only one need called sex. If God is beyond all the biological needs, then, all the four shall be crossed by God. When food is taken, sperm is naturally formed and its exit is essential. If all the four needs are avoided by the incarnation, then, OK. When God merges with the human medium, the properties of God are not interfering with the properties of the medium. The properties of medium remain as they are because God has to mix with the human beings before He preaches them wonderful Spiritual knowledge. If the properties of medium are resisted by God, then, the medium looks extraordinary and human beings will not freely mix with God to receive the true Spiritual knowledge from Him in a free state without any excitation that comes due to extraordinary status of the medium.

In the devotion, there is a special powerful branch called sweet devotion, which alone gave Gopikas the highest fruit called Goloka. Sex involves surrender of body to God, which is also a part of total surrender to God. Every male soul gets rid of its gender ego when it is born as female and hence, the final birth shall be female only to get salvation. Of course, before this final birth, the soul shall be liberated from all the other worldly bonds and liberation from the attachment of self to its body is the last and final thing. Moreover, why one shall be concerned with the personal life of the incarnation when the actual true Spiritual knowledge coming out from the incarnation is the real necessity for the soul to travel in the Spiritual path? You want a medicine for curing the bad effects of drinking and smoking. You have gone to a doctor and the doctor gave best medicines for your disease. Your business is over by that. You need not investigate whether the doctor is a drunkard and smoker. If the doctor is an ordinary human being like you, he will suffer for his bad habits. If the doctor is a divine incarnation, nothing will happen due to drinking and smoking. That doctor-incarnation might have been exhibiting these negative qualities due to lot of hidden background in the previous births, which is not known to us. Hence, based on the pretext that the doctor is a drunkard and smoker, you shall not neglect the best medicines prescribed by him for your disease.