Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 26 Aug 2021


Until Lord Krishna, no one has seen God showing negative qualities. Isn't it?

[Ms. Laxmi Thrylokya asked: It was Krishna who started showing extreme negative qualities to Gopikas although the basis of those qualities is infinite love. So, the Gopikas who were sages in previous births failed to recognise Him as God. Until then, no one has seen God showing negative qualities. Isn't it? God who is the epitome of kindness could have protected them. But, we know that what God does is correct. Kindly enlighten me about this. -At Your Divine Lotus Feet, Laxmi Thrylokya]

Swami Replied:- Krishna showed negative qualities in order to test the depth of their love to Him. Gopikas never thought that Krishna was a spoilt boy because Sage Naarada says that all Gopikas know that Krishna was God. The miracles showed by Krishna for their protection also gave confirmation assuming that some Gopikas might have forgotten His divinity. But, the statement told by Naarada can’t be neglected and we must be sure that every Gopikaa knows that Krishna is God. Hence, we have to agree to the Vedic concept that selfishness is the basis of love even in the context of God. There is no difference between God and another human being as far as the love is concerned. Be God or be a human being, we must love the helper to get selfish happiness because the ultimate fruit of our love decides the logic in our love—This is the actual concept. God is testing their blind climax of love through His exhibited negative qualities and how you can expect God not to test them by the tough question paper?

A student scolds the examiner to be cruel when the question paper is tough! When the student is writing IAS examination, how can he expect the question paper shall be as easy as that of Group-IV examination? Nivrutti is IAS examination and Pravrutti is Group-IV examination. Test in Nivrutti is very hard whereas test in Pravrutti is very easy. As per the quantity of the flour, the weight of the resulting bread will be seen. Hence, love is not the basis of the test because finding the truth is the basis of the test. The test is also conducted for the sake of other devotees and not for the sake of omniscient God. The Sages knew Raama as God in the previous birth and also knew Krishna as God in the present birth. The fundamental defect in your logic is that you think that the souls will show climax of love if God is identified. The fact is that any soul shows climax of love to God or to any other human being if the fruit of such love from the other side gives happiness to the soul showing love to the other side. This is the general truth of every soul and there may be very few exceptions to this fact. Even the Sages, who were doing serious penance, were also selfish in aspiring for the happiness of the soul from the side of God.