Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 31 Aug 2023


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What is the significance of the merging of God Datta with You in Srisailam?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked:- You said that God Datta merged with You in Srisailam. What is the significance of this because all Your devotees know thoroughly that God merged with You in the womb of Your mother?]

Swami replied:- You are correct because there is a special significance for God appearing to Me and asking Me to propagate the true spiritual knowledge in this world even though I was requesting Him telling that I am incompetent to do that. Later on, He merged with Me and propagated the true spiritual knowledge through Me.

By these two incidents, God is giving a warning to human devotees, which is that one shall not propagate the true spiritual knowledge giving the true interpretations for the scriptures decided as per his mind without the will and oral permission of God.

Another point that was expressed through these incidents by God was that none shall declare himself/herself as God without seeing the merge of God with him/her.

This means that even if God asks you to propagate the true spiritual knowledge, you shall not jump into the work due to your self-ego.

You must always say that God alone is competent and any soul is incompetent in God’s work and hence, you shall further say that unless God enters the body of the devotee and speaks the true spiritual knowledge by Himself, this work is impossible.

Then, God will enter you before your eyes to speak the true spiritual knowledge through you. Since you have seen this merge with your eyes, you shall say that the true spiritual knowledge spoken by you is not from you but is from God only. This will make you to eradicate even a trace of ego from your mind all along your life so that God will stay in you throughout your life and such incarnation from birth to death is called as Puurnaavataara (complete incarnation). If any trace of ego enters you even after the merge of God, God will quit you as in the case of the incarnation, Parashurama. Even after you becoming the incarnation, you shall feel and say that you are the servant of God and not God. Hanuman and Shirdi Sai Baba told like this and you shall keep this point in your mind always. If you behave like this, there will be no ego-based jealousy on you from the side of devotees also and devotees will absorb your knowledge smoothly without any irritation caused by their inherent ego-based jealousy.

Since this point is not understood so far, every Tom, Dick and Harry is telling that he/she is the contemporary human incarnation and misleading the devotees from the true path of the spiritual field.