Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 22 Aug 2021


What makes a Gopika the highest devotee of God when no soul can love like God does?

[Ms. Thryloka asked: Swami, God's love is an ocean and soul's love just a drop. Any soul cannot love God to the intensity with which God loves the soul. Even the Gopikas who are considered to be the climax devotees of God are also souls only. Even the love of a Gopika in Goloka is also a drop before the love of the Lord towards her. Then, what makes a Gopika (soul) the highest devotee of God when no soul can love like God does?]

Swami Replied: A good question indeed. The love at the human level has a range of values of intensity, but, not a fixed value. There are minimum and maximum values of intensity between which a range of values exists. Between these two, the values of the intensity of love are arranged in an order. This total range exists within the drop of the love and the state of the soul exists at a specific value of intensity. This means that the love of the soul will be at a specific value of the total range. God also comes down having love towards the devotee within the human range of love. The maximum value of the intensity of love within the human range can be considered as the maximum value of the human range and this maximum value is the meaning of ocean of love of God. The actual inherent love of God is the unimaginable infinite value of the intensity. Any quality of God is having the value of unimaginable infinity. When we say that His love is infinite ocean, we are only referring the maximum value of human range only. The real infinite value of the ocean of love of God is beyond the human imagination. Hence, our total and maximum climax of love shall be towards God only so that we can be somewhat in par with the love of God, which is the maximum possible value of human range.