Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Jul 2024


Why do You stress only on God in Your preachings?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked:- Swami, I find the modern preachers stressing on the relief of stress only and they speak hardly 1% about God. In Your preaching, I find 100% stress on God only. Why is there so much difference?]

Swami replied:- I have answered this in the first chapter of the Trailokya Gita. Stress relief is the burning problem of many human beings. When that topic is touched, people run to these modern preachers hoping for a solution for stress relief. Upto this, it is alright because the audience is very much anxious to know the solution for this burning problem. But, the modern preachers suggest to them various psychological procedures to get rid of stress. The modern preachers behave like psychiatrists only and not as holy spiritual preachers. Their suggestions are superficial and temporary, like suggesting a wet cloth on the forehead of the patient suffering with fever. Such suggestion removes the heat of the fever for a short time and the actual cause of the fever is not analyzed and dealt with, due to which the fever never subsides. You must analyze and suggest a good specific antibiotic to kill the virus causing that fever. Stress is the punishment of past sin, and it has to be undergone at any cost.

The only perfect method to get rid of stress is reformation of the soul by realizing sin as the cause, repenting before God and not repeating the sin practically. This is the only permanent way for stress relief. Another way for stress relief is to worship God so that God postpones the punishment to the future with accumulated interest. Another way to get rid of the punishment permanently is to become the climax devotee of God so that God will suffer the punishment for the sake of His climax devotee. But in this last method, you shall not have any aspiration from God in return. In this way, non-repetition of sins and devotion to God are the only ways to get rid of the stress. The modern preachers are not at all entering into deep analysis and hence, are not speaking about sin and devotion. They confine only to the wet cloth–treatment for the fever–stress. These preachers are concentrating on exploiting the public for their fame by suggesting temporary and superficial solutions. They are not interested in pleasing God by helping the society through permanent solutions. They want to please themselves by earning fame and money and are not at all interested in God. Sometimes, they speak about God only to satisfy any devotee present in the audience.