Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Jul 2024


Why does God not care about the bad qualities of the soul He likes?

[Ms. Bhanu Samaikya asked:- Swami, You give an example that when the bridegroom (God) likes the bride (soul), he doesn't care about her golden jewellery (bad qualities of the soul). Even when the bridegroom doesn’t like the bride, he doesn’t care about the golden jewellery on her. Please elaborate on this.]

Swami replied:- This is a Sanskrit poem (Tvayi prasanne…) written by poet Liilaa Shuka in Shri Krishna Karnaamritam on God Krishna. Here, it is said that if God loves the devotee, the good or bad qualities are unnecessary. But, God loves the devotee when the devotee loves God. Even in the simile, the bridegroom loves the bride because the bride loves the bridegroom. Because of mutual love only, they are ready to marry and hence, they are called as the bridegroom and the bride and not a mere boy and mere girl. When the devotee loves God, the devotee diverts the good faces of all his good and bad qualities towards God only. Hence, God need not differentiate good and bad qualities of the devotee when true love on God exists. Like this, you have to understand the deep meaning that is established by sharp logic and shall not see the superficial literal meaning with ignorance. When all the bad qualities are also turned towards their good faces, they become good, in which case there is no bad quality in the devotee. In such a case, God will not bother about the qualities since all qualities are good only.