Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Jul 2024


Why is God giving value for the donors of money only?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked:- God does not need money. But, God is giving value for the donors of money only. Are these two concepts contradicting mutually?]

Swami replied:- Certainly, God is not in need of money from any soul because every soul gets money from God only. Your doubt is that in such a case, why is God favoring the donors of money. Here, you are caught up by an illusion, which will be analyzed and explained now to you.

Let us forget God for some time. What is true love? Is it mere theoretical love or practical love mixed with theoretical love? Even in worldly life, it is clearly proved that the practical sacrifice mixed with theoretical love is the true love and it is clearly proved that mere theoretical love is only false love. If parents have four children and they talk very sweetly with three children and give their property to only one child, the true love is on that child only and the love on the other three children is false only. In this case, that one child gives highest value to the parents and the other three children will not give any value to the parents. Why don’t you extend the same concept from worldly life to spiritual life? Here, the children represent God and parents represent devotees. Now, tell Me whether God shall give value to true love or false love? God is giving value for the true love based on the merit on the other side only, but not based on His own side to extract the practical sacrifice from the other side because He is not in the need of even a trace of practical sacrifice from the other side, He being omnipotent. Now, tell Me whether God is giving the right value to the other side or extracting to store money on His side? The people, who are greedy and are unable to do practical sacrifice to God due to their greediness, try to blame God that God is greedy for money because He is giving value only to practical devotion mingled with theoretical devotion and is not giving any value to mere theoretical devotion. Such blaming fellows shall answer that why in worldly life, the practical love mingled with theoretical love is given a lot of value and mere theoretical love is not at all valid? They can’t give answer to this question in their worldly life, but in spiritual life, they put all such nonsense blames on God.


A grandfather bought and brought a packet of biscuits and gave to his daughter-in-law, telling her to keep it confidential. Later, the grandson got a biscuit from his mother, thinking that his mother bought the packet of biscuits. Now, the grandfather is begging for a bit of biscuit from the grandson. If the grandson has true love on his grandfather, he will give a bit or even a full biscuit to his grandfather even though he does not know that the grandfather brought the packet of biscuits. If the grandson knows the truth, he will give the biscuit to his grandfather based on gratefulness. Gratefulness is not true love and the grandfather kept the biscuit packet as a secret to test the true love of the grandson and not the gratefulness of the grandson. In this case, if you say that the grandfather is hungry and is in need of a biscuit, the fate of your brain is to be sympathized! Similarly, whatever wealth is possessed by the soul, it was given by God only. He kept this as a secret so that He can test the true love of the devotee and not the usual gratefulness. The examiner is asking some questions to the student in a subject in viva voce examination so that he can give marks to the student. If the student blames the examiner as ignorant and as trying to learn the subject from the student, we will not mind to commit suicide for the wisdom of the student!! Similarly, when God is testing the true love of the devotee through practical devotion and if you say that God is in need of money through that donation, we will have to commit very fast suicide by taking potassium cyanide, unable to bear this climax ignorance!!!

Another important point to be noted is that if God gives value to the donation like a businessman, He would not have appreciated a coin donated by a beggar without appreciating the donations of hundred coins by rich people. Here, God sees the percentage of donated item in the total wealth possessed by the devotee. Hence, the sacrifice of one coin by a beggar was appreciated by Jesus because it was 100% sacrifice of total possessed wealth by the beggar. The donation of 1000 coins by a rich man was not appreciated by Jesus because such sacrifice is only 0.1% or even less of the total possessed wealth by the rich man. Hence, when a rich man asked Him that how He can reach God, Jesus told “Donate all your possessed wealth to beggars and follow Me”. After that, the rich man never came back. Then, Jesus told to His disciples “Even a camel can pass through an eye of a needle, but a rich man can never reach God”. Therefore, God sees whether the sacrifice is complete or not and does not see the value of the donated sacrifice. A businessman ambitious of money is quite opposite to God. God Krishna gave unimaginable wealth to the poorest Sudaama, who sacrificed just three handfuls of parched rice to God Krishna, that too was brought on loan! Similarly, Shankara made a rain of gold for the sacrifice of a small fruit by a poor devoted lady. In this concept, only poor devotees succeeded and not rich devotees. A businessman cares for rich people and not for beggars. A businessman also gives fruit based on the amount of money given to him and not based on the percentage of sacrifice.