Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


130. The unimaginable God can function without inert energy and the nervous system

नाड्यभावे तस्या अपि नोह्यमुभयतः।१३०।
nāḍyabhāve tasyā api nohyamubhayataḥ|130|

In the absence of the nervous system, inert energy can also be done away with, since the unimaginable God can function without both.


Assuming that God is some unknown form of inert energy, even then, you cannot achieve success in establishing awareness because of the absence of solid state nervous system. Once the unimaginable component is introduced to do away the nervous system, the inert energy also can be done away. The unimaginable God can do the process of awareness without the requirement of inert energy as well as the nervous system.


The inert energy can also be done away. What is the meaning of this?

When you are thinking inert energy is doing some work in the nervous system. That work is the process of thinking. Worker or working element is the inert energy. Thus for us the working element is needed and also the nervous system is also needed. When space is created initially, matter was not created, according to Veda. So when matter was not created, there cannot be any nervous system. Nervous system is the solid state. When solid is not there, nervous system cannot be there, therefore the awareness cannot be there. But if you say that the space or inert energy can think without nervous system, by introducing some unimaginable component in it that inert energy can think even without nervous system; that is your conclusion. When an unimaginable thing is thinking for that the working element is not needed. Once it is unimaginable, nervous system is not needed; even the inert energy is also not needed. Therefore God is unimaginable without either inert energy or nervous system. Both can be done away in case of God. When you do away with nervous system, God can also do away with inert energy also. After all once you are accepted the unimaginable it can think but need not be inert energy.

* * *