Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


131. Even unimaginability is not the characteristic of God

अनूह्यता न स्वरूपं तस्याभावात्।१३१।
anūhyatā na svarūpaṁ tasyābhāvāt|131|

The unimaginable nature is not the characteristic of God since it disappears in the case of God.


The characteristic of any item exists for all the observers as well as for itself. Your form, the characteristic of yourself, does not change whether it is observed by others or yourself. God is unimaginable to all of us. If you say that the unimaginable nature is the characteristic of God, it should remain constant for all of us and God also. It means, God must become unimaginable not only to all of us but also to God Himself. But it is not so. Veda says that God is understood by Himself (Brahmavit Brahmaiva…). This means that God is imaginable to Himself. If the unimaginable nature is a characteristic of God, God must be unimaginable to Himself as He is unimaginable to others. But that is not so. Therefore the unimaginable nature of God is not a characteristic of God.

* * *