Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


188. Need to enter only a part of creation

दृशे द्रष्टृदृश्ये भिन्ने मितरूपप्रवेशः।१८८।
dṛśe draṣṭṛdṛśye bhinne mitarūpapraveśaḥ|188|

For sight to exist, the seer and the seen must be separate. Even if the seer enters the seen, the entry must be through a limited form alone.


The simultaneous entry of God into the entire creation like the case of worldly cause and effect contradicts the very basic reason for creation. According to the Veda, the basic reason is the entertainment of God by watching His creation. The seer must be different from the seen so that the sight connects the two leading to entertainment. If the seer becomes the seen or pervades all over the seen, the connecting sight disappears. For the convenience of the sight, the seen must be separate from the seer. Even in the case of the entertainment of a person, by seeing his own imaginary world, the seen is in the seer but the seer is neither in the seen as said in the Gita (Natvaham teshu te mayi…) nor is the seen itself as said in Veda (Neti Neti .., Nedam tat…). When there is a requirement, the seer can enter into the seen through a limited form only so that the seer can see the rest of the seen. Hence in the Veda, the first stage is the creation of the world by God within Himself as the imagination and observing the world as a seer separately. The second stage is the entry of the seer in to seen through a limited form called the Human Incarnation as per the requirement.

* * *