Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


189. Similies for God, the untouched Creator of creation

आत्मोहोपमा बह्वंशेषु अस्पर्शे मायावी श्रुतेः।१८९।
ātmohopamā bahvaṁśeṣu asparśe māyāvī śruteḥ|189|

The simile of awareness creating imagination is good in several aspects. Another simile of magic and its master is used in the aspect of the untouched cause as given by the Veda.


The awareness in the form of mind creates imagination or dream. This is a good simile only in the case of God creating the world. It is a good simile because several aspects are similar. The imagination is within the mind and is fully controlled by the mind. The imagination is relative truth and the mind is the absolute truth. The relative truth can totally disappear leaving the cause. All these are merits of the simile. Due to such a lot of merits even a metaphor can be used here so that we can say that God as awareness and the world as imagination. This does not mean that the simile and the concept are one and the same and hence God is awareness and the world is just His imagination. This also does not mean that all the aspects of the simile must be seen in the concept. For example, in this simile, the missing aspect is that God is not in the world as the awareness is in the imagination. The imagination being a modification of the awareness like the chain of gold can show the cause in the effect. Any part of the imagination is awareness only. Any part of the chain is gold only. But the Gita says that God is not in the world (Natvaham teshu…). The Veda also supports it (Neti neti…, Nedam tat…). To cover this missing point, another simile of magic master creating magic is taken. Anywhere in the magic, the magic master is not seen. This simile is given by the Veda (Indro maayaabhih…). Hence, God is not touched anywhere in the entire world and no characteristic of God can be seen anywhere in the world.

* * *