Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


60. Soul is a process (verb or action)

ईक्षतेति क्रिया सैवात्मा न तु कारकः।६०।
īkṣateti kriyā saivātmā na tu kārakaḥ|60|

A wish is actually a verb [1] [an action or process] and not any agent that wishes. The soul or jiva is only a special work and not the working element [2].


The Veda says that God wished to create this world. Hence, people claim that God is awareness due to that wish. Here ‘wish’ is actually a verb and not a noun. This means that the awareness, which is a wish, indicates an action or process and not a working element. Already, we have established that awareness is a special work of inert energy, functioning in the special system called as the nervous system. Therefore, the soul is the name of some special work done by the inert energy in the nervous system. It is similar to the grinding work done by the electric current in a grinding machine. Hence, the word soul is only a verb and not a noun, if you analyze deeply on a scientific and logical basis.


Suppose someone says that he wishes. Here the wish is a verb; it not a noun; it is not a working element. It is only work. People say that God wished. By this people say that God is the wish. Hence, God is awareness. So the wish is awareness and awareness is work. Even the wish is work. Awareness is an alternative word for wish. Thus awareness is work alone. So how can one say that awareness is a noun? You cannot infer the working element through the work. Work is work alone. The working element is God. Through work, you cannot establish the working element. Suppose some cutting working is done. Whether it is done by a knife or by scissors or by nails, who knows? Thus the work cannot indicate the working element. By saying ‘God wished’ you cannot describe the nature of God. Suppose some milk has disappeared. Some human being might have stolen it; or a cat might have stolen it; or the sun might have evaporated it; who knows? So, through work you cannot infer the working element.

[1] Verbal Noun; A noun derived from a verb. Even in its noun form, it indicates an action or process. It does not indicate an object. Hence, from the logical sense, it is a verb rather than a noun.

[2] Working element is the device or instrument through which the work takes place, such as the grinding machine in the case of grinding work.

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