Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


61. Bliss is not God

अनन्तघनसुखानन्दोऽपि क्रियैव तस्येति श्रुतेर्न तत्।६१।
anantaghanasukhānando'pi kriyaiva tasyeti śruterna tat|61|

Even bliss is a verb and not a noun on deep analysis. The Veda mentions the bliss of God and hence bliss is not God. Bliss is only continuous and intensive happiness.


Some say that bliss is God. But bliss is only intense and continuous happiness and thus it means that it is a verb [action or process]. If you say that someone is happy, the happiness appears as a noun, but it is only a verb on analysis. The Veda says that such happiness is the bliss of God (Brahmana anandah). If you say that this is the house of the king, it does not mean that the house itself is the king.


Bliss is not the working element and hence it is only a verb. A verbal noun is not an entity. A verbal noun is an artificial noun created from a verb and it denotes an action. Grammatically, it may be a noun. But it does not mean that a verbal noun is a noun. Essentially, a verbal noun is a verb or action alone. In the statement “He walked”, ‘walked’ is a verb. “A morning walk is good for health”. Here ‘walk’ is a verbal noun. But even here, ‘walk’ does not denote an entity or working element. Essentially, it remains a verb alone. The working element is not indicated by the verbal noun.

You are happy. Happiness is a verbal noun. It is not an entity. Bliss which is intense happiness, is also a verb. It is only a verbal noun and hence essentially a verb. We cannot take bliss from anybody and store in a battery like electricity. Similarly, grinding is work. Can you take the grinding work and store it in a battery and do grinding? No. Work is not an entity. Inert energy (electricity) is an entity. The grinding machine (matter) is an entity. Awareness is not an entity. It is only a special form of work. The Maha Maya plane constitutes three things: Inert energy, matter and awareness. I can transport a grinding machine. I can transport electricity but I cannot transport grinding work. In the human body, the matter and inert energy doing a certain type of work, is referred to as awareness.

* * *