Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


72. In God's view, even the primordial energy is a form of work

क्रियारूप मूलशक्तेरनुभवोऽपि भ्रमः परमार्थे।७२।
kriyārūpa mūlaśakteranubhavo'pi bhramaḥ paramārthe|72|

Even the primordial energy is a form of work alone and its experience as inert energy is an illusion, but this illusion is restricted to the absolute plane.


We have proved that matter is also a form of work and its experience as matter is an illusion. Similarly, the inert energy, which is in the primary causal form as primordial energy, is also a form of work alone and its experience as energy is also an illusion. But this illusion cannot be taken to be an illusion in the relative world, which is the experience of human beings. Only in the absolute plane, which means in the view of God, is this primordial energy treated as a form of work and as an illusion. Here you must differentiate the case of matter from the case of primordial energy. In the case of matter, the illusion of the experience of the solid state is due to the work of the primordial energy. Thus, the worker is known in the case of matter in the relative plane itself. But if you take the case of the primordial energy, it is realized as work but the worker is not realized in the relative plane because the primordial energy itself is the ultimate worker in the relative world. Hence, the worker of primordial energy can be only realized in the absolute plane and never in the relative plane. Hence, you cannot completely declare the primordial energy to be an illusion since the worker of primordial energy is never realized in the relative plane. The worker of the primordial energy, which is to be realized to be work, is God Himself and since God cannot be realized in the relative plane, you cannot cross the illusion of primordial energy. Only God can cross this ultimate illusion of the primordial energy or Mula Prakriti or Mula Maya.


If you see even the primordial energy, it is only a field of force. Force means somebody is forcing. The person who is forcing must exist. That worker is God. But you can never cross the primordial energy, which is in the form of space. Space is primordial energy. Hence, the worker, who is God, can never be realized. God is beyond space. Space is a force or work or dynamism. Who is the worker? It is God alone.

Work is invisible; it is not noticed. The worker is inert energy. Again, inert energy itself is work. The ultimate climax becomes the primordial energy. The primordial energy is also the work of God. God is the only Reality.

The resisting force is creating the illusion of matter. If we proceed like this, then the resisting force is an entity. The primordial energy itself is force and also work. Finally, who is the ultimate worker? God is the Ultimate Reality or Worker. This is the philosophy of Shankara. This is how He proves the world to be unreal, with respect to God. We are also a part of the illusion. What are we? We are primordial energy itself. We are matter. Matter is an illusion of energy. Before God, we are also an illusion. Part of the illusion is also the medium of God (Human Incarnation)—with respect to God; not with respect to you. The human form means, human form. That is very important.

* * *