Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


75. Experience of entities is valid in relative plane

भ्रान्तकर्तॄणां सदनुभवोऽस्माकं व्यवहारे।७५।
bhrāntakartṝṇāṁ sadanubhavo'smākaṁ vyavahāre|75|

In the relative plane, the experience of entities exists, even though in reality they are only illusions.


In the relative plane, which consists of the experience of souls in this world, you should not drag the absolute plane and get confused. As long as you are in the relative plane, you cannot cross the ultimate illusion of the primordial energy as explained above and hence you can never touch the absolute plane. Hence, the concept of illusion cannot be mentioned in the relative plane, when you are experiencing an entity, even though you have realized it to be an illusion. Since your experience is not cancelled by the illusion, the illusion is only realized, but not experienced.


Matter is an illusion of energy. We experience matter and we realize the matter to be an illusion. In relative plane, matter continues to exist though in reality it is an illusion.

* * *