Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


76. Illusions created by primordial energy can be realized but not experienced

अस्ति मूलमायया अपि व्यवहारे।७६।
asti mūlamāyayā api vyavahāre|76|

Even in the relative plane, the illusion created by the primordial energy cannot be experienced.


Even the illusion created by the primordial energy in the case of the experience of the solid state of matter, cannot not be experienced, even though it is realized by science. As said above, even though science proves that the closely packed atoms in the solid state of matter contain a very large volume of vacuum, the penetration of finger is resisted by the opposing force created by the revolution of subatomic particles in the matter. This experience of resistance to the finger is misunderstood as the solid state and hence is an illusion. Therefore, in the relative plane itself, you have realized the worker of the resistance as the primordial energy. But you are still unable to overcome the illusion and you feel a different experience of the solid state. When you are unable to overcome the illusion created by a known worker like primordial energy, how can you overcome the illusion created in the case of primordial energy, in which the worker is the unimaginable God, who can never be realized?

* * *