Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


77. Space or primordial energy is called as Mula Maya or Mula Prakriti

मूलाकाशरुपत्रयं महामाया।७७।
mūlākāśarupatrayaṁ mahāmāyā|77|

The root space appears in three forms and these three forms are called as Maha Maya.


The primordial energy is called as Mula Maya or Mula Prakriti, which is in the form of space. When this primordial energy is condensed, it appears in the forms of light etc. When it is further condensed, it appears in the form of matter through illusion as explained above. When the primordial energy or its forms work through a special technology [1], such work is called as awareness. Therefore, awareness as the work-form, light etc., as the condensed forms and matter as the intensely condensed form, are the three forms of primordial energy. These three forms are called as Maha Maya.


Matter is a condensation of energy as per physics. Physics uses the word condensation. The resistance force gives the illusion of matter. Condensation only means a high force of resistance; i.e. higher intensity of resistance.

When the intensity of energy increases, the energy is condensed into matter as understood from the equation: E = mc2

The science of cosmology discusses questions like how did matter form? How did the earth form? It can be understood in terms of the simple concepts of dilution and condensation. Energy is condensed to form matter. Energy is the dilute form and matter is the condensed form. Thus, this creation evolved from space (primordial inert energy) alone.

What is the difference between work and energy?

We have seen that energy is realized to be work.  But any work needs the existence of worker, the working element. That working element must be beyond the work, and when the work is energy, the working element is God. The necessity of the existence of God thus arises even in science. God, who is beyond space and work, is the working element. The working element must exist. Otherwise, the work cannot exist. If the work does not exist, it means that energy does not exist. If energy does not exist, matter does not exist and awareness does not exist. That is, creation cannot exist. This world is only relatively real as told by Shankara. His statement is perfectly correct. The world is only an illusion with respect to God; but not for us.

Bonds [2] are only feelings. You can realize that these bonds are unreal. Practical realization is possible. Maha Maya [3] and Mula Maya [4] are illusions (for God) but you cannot cross [5] them. You can however cross Maya [6] and remain in Maha Maya, by your effort. The avadutas have practically crossed Maya by their effort. But they cannot realize matter and energy as unreal. They cannot realize sunrise and ultraviolet rays as unreal. They can cross Maya alone by self-effort. The Maha Maya is considered absolute with respect to the plane of Maya. It can be called as the absolute reality or Brahman. That is what Shankara did. On the ladder, with respect to the lower relative plane, the higher relative plane can be taken to be absolute. The shape of a mud pot is Maya. The mud is Maha Maya. But if consider that matter is also condensed energy (E = mc2), then matter is also unreal. But this state cannot be practically achieved by you. You cannot practically pass through a mud wall. That requires God’s grace.

The world consist of matter and energy. Mula Maya and Maha Maya cannot be unreal for souls. For the soul, qualities and shapes can be unreal (Maya). The lower plane (Maya) can be unreal and the higher plane (Maha Maya) remains real, since the soul exists in that plane itself. When I consider the world to be Maha Maya and Mula Maya, it is real. When I limit the world to only shapes and feelings, it can be treated as unreal.

[1] A special system or device. When energy works through the special technology of the nervous system, awareness results.

[2] Family bonds and the bond with money or one’s life.

[3] The state in which the various forms of inert energy, the various forms of matter and the various qualities of awareness are all resolved (dissolved) into their basic forms of inert energy, inert matter and awareness, is called Maha Maya. The three entities energy, matter and awareness remain differentiated and are considered real. 

[4] The state in which inert energy, matter and awareness are all resolved (dissolved) into the primordial energy and the primordial energy alone remains as real is called as Mula Maya.

[5] You cannot practically experience that they are unreal.

[6] The state in which the different forms of inert energy, forms of matter and qualities of awareness are differentiated and considered to be real is called as Maya. It is the state in which almost all the living beings and humans normally are.

* * *