Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 07 Feb 2005


How can You say that service (Karma Yoga) is the highest when people say that by devotion one can attain the Lord?

The word Bhakti (devotion) has two meanings i.e., to attain and to serve (Bhaja – Prapane, Sevayaam). Bhakti means love as per the verse “Yanah Preetih”. By knowledge (Jnana) you must recognize the Lord. Then by Bhakti you must attain the Lord. In this stage the word Bhakti means attaining the Lord as per the Gita (Bhaktya tvananyaya Labhyah). After attaining the Lord you must please the Lord by service alone. In this stage, the word Bhakti means service. Rukmini attained the knowledge of Lord Krishna from Narada. Then she attained Lord Krishna by Bhakti [she got married to Him]. After attaining Him, she pleased Lord Krishna by always pressing His feet. Therefore service is the real proof of devotion.