Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 12 Aug 2014


I am interested in constant chanting of Sri guru dattatreya and wish to know if Datta loka can be created for Datta devotees.

[Reply to Shri. Venkatesh Madhav] You can read the answer given to the first question mentioned above. Datta means a specific human being, who is radiating the spiritual knowledge in the world to give correct direction to the spiritual aspirants. Wherever He stays, that is Datta Loka. There is also an upper world called Datta Loka in which Datta is in an energetic body preaching the spiritual knowledge to the departed souls from this earth existing in the energetic bodies and also to angels, the souls in energetic bodies. The angels stay in the upper world permanently and the departed souls have to return after some time. For you, Datta is always on the earth and Datta Loka exists always here itself. Datta Loka does not mean only the upper world, which can be attained by you after leaving this materialistic body and entering an energetic body. There is no difference between the Datta Lokas existing on the earth and above the sky, since there is no difference between the energetic form of Datta in the upper world and the materialistic form of Datta on this earth. Hence, no delay is necessary to reach Datta Loka or abode of Datta. The aspirant of Datta Loka should join the service of Datta to propagate His spiritual knowledge and not to lead a retired life. Beware of this point.