Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Feb 2005


Should we leave our families or leave the love for the family?

Love is nectar created by the Lord and therefore it should not be destroyed. The family is a bottle in which this nectar is present. The Lord is another bottle. You need not destroy the first bottle. Neither do you need to throw the nectar. You have to simply transfer the nectar from the first bottle to the second bottle. Therefore you should neither leave the family nor destroy the love for your family. You are going in a car towards Madras, which is in the opposite direction to Delhi. Your goal is Delhi. You need not scold the car that takes you to Madras. The car is in your control. You can divert the car towards Delhi. The same car will take you to Delhi with the same speed. Similarly the love is dragging you towards your family. The love is in your control. Divert the love towards the Lord and then it will drag you towards the Lord with the same speed. But this love should not be confined to words and feelings only. You are not showing such love to your children. Therefore do not show such love to the Lord either. As you show your love for your children in action, you can show the same love to the Lord. Therefore, as you control your words and mind before your children, you can control them before the Lord too. Similarly, you do not wear silk clothes, garlands and applying sacred ash on your forehead for the sake of your children. Then why should you put all this drama dress before the Lord?