Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 21 Jul 2012


What is the difference between the knowledge of the unimaginable God and the knowledge of the human being possessed by Him in the human incarnation?

I will illustrate this with the help of a visual program like the war fought by Arjuna guided by Lord Krishna. Here, Arjuna is the human being and Krishna is the unimaginable God existing in a separate human being. In human incarnation, only one human being exists in which the unimaginable God also is present side by side. The unimaginable God may also be present in an energetic form, which merges in the human being. For example, in Krishna, the human being exists in which the energetic form called Narayana possessed by the unimaginable God merged. Now, here, this total Krishna can represent the unimaginable God. Arjuna represents a separate human being. Thus, the combination of Krishna and Arjuna can be assumed as the human incarnation in which the unimaginable God (Krishna) and the possessed human being (Arjuna) co-exist. Arjuna has his own arrows and a particular style of fight. This individual fight of Arjuna can be witnessed when he fought with the hunters, who were taking away Gopikas after the death of Krishna. Arjuna could not win the fight and was defeated by the hunters. Then, he realizes what he is without Krishna. Similarly, as a Sanskrit scholar-cum-Scientist, I may have certain points of knowledge to project in the message without Lord Datta in Me. Such message will certainly be attacked by the scholars and I will be surely defeated in the arguments. Datta is the energetic form in which unimaginable God exists and this energetic incarnation (Datta) merged in Me, the ordinary human being.

In the Kurukshetra war, Krishna planned the main modes of the war (Vyuhas) everyday. Similarly, in My messages, the main aspects of truth were planned by Lord Datta only, which are the concepts of unimaginable God like the concept of contemporary human incarnation for humanity, the concept of practical service aided by knowledge and devotion, the concept of uniting the world religions by showing the danger of partiality of God otherwise, the concept of 50-50 probability to control the sins done even by atheists, unification of philosophies of Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva in view of the then existing backgrounds, the concept of yoga as the equality in enjoying both sweet and hot scenes in the life etc., are the main pillars of truth.

In the war, the required flashes were shown by Krishna like killing Saindhava by hiding the Sun, killing Bhishma by hiding Arjuna behind Sikhandi, killing Drona by telling a lie, killing Karna while lifting the chariot, killing Duryodhana by hitting the thighs etc[1]. Similarly, several flashes by Datta were given in My messages like the sense of scripture in cow-slaughter, proving awareness as work form of energy, doing away the energetic incarnation by way of irrelevance to humanity and not due to absence of divinity, the greatest loss by missing God here and there due to the principle of repulsion between common bodies etc.

The style of fight of Arjuna with the army of Kauravas was divinized by Krishna in a special way so that Arjuna could kill several warriors every day. When that divine style was lost, Arjuna could not fight even with ordinary hunters. Similarly, every message given by Me was delivered with a special style so that all the doubts are cleared with full clarity in the knowledge, otherwise, even if I convey a right point in My daily life, My own people oppose Me with several counter arguments and I fail to convince them in the discussion!

Even if you see the commentary of Shankara, the style of the language is quite attractive due to a special mode of language, which is uncommon in the case of any other Sanskrit scholar. You can see the divine flash in His reply ‘Yathaa Gajo mithyaa tathaa palaayanamapi mithyaa’. This means that the running also is not true as the elephant is not true. Purvamimaamsakaas made an elephant to run towards Shankara, who started running away, seeing it. Then, they asked Him ‘why [to] run seeing the untrue elephant?’ Then, Shankara replied ‘I told that the entire world is untrue and hence, My running is also untrue just like the untrue elephant’. Such flash of answer can come out only from the unimaginable God present in Shankara and not from the brain of the human being in Shankara!

Like this, the specialty of the knowledge related to the unimaginable God is mixed everywhere in the knowledge of the component of the human being in the case of the messages preached by the human incarnation. Anu Gita was given by the component of human being who existed in Krishna, which did not become famous at all. The Gita is the special knowledge given by the unimaginable God existing in Krishna, which is the knowledge of the human being divinized by the unimaginable God everywhere.

[1] Refer to Mahabharata