Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 11 Feb 2005


What is the essential message of Your website 'Universal Spirituality for World Peace'?

The essential message of this website and mission is as follows:

If you say that your religion is the only path to God and that other paths lead to hell, I have one humble question to you. The question is for every religion without any trace of partiality. The simple question is: Today I have heard about your religion and if I follow that, I reach God and if I refuse, I will go to the hell for My own fault. This is quite reasonable. But before your ancestors discovered our country, the literature or even the name of your religion was not known to My ancestor and he could not reach God for no fault of his. But your ancestor reached God through your religion at that time. Even if I assume that My ancestor will take rebirth now and will follow your religion to reach God, such possibility is ruled out because you say that there is no rebirth for the soul. Thus My ancestor suffered forever for no fault of his and the responsibility for this falls on the partiality of God. Had the God been impartial, He could have revealed your religion to all the countries at a time. Had that happened, My ancestor might have also reached God as your ancestor. Therefore your statement proves your own God to be partial.

The only way left for you to make your God impartial is that you must accept that your God appeared in all the countries at a time in various forms and preached your path in various languages. The same form did not appear everywhere and the same language did not exist everywhere. The syllabus and explanation are one and the same, though the media and teachers are different. Can you give any alternative reasonable answer to My question? Certainly not! Any person of any religion can pose this question to any other religion.

Moreover every religion states that their God alone created this world. Unfortunately this world is only one and every God cannot create the same world. There are not many worlds to justify that each God created His own world. Therefore any human being with an iota of commonsense has to agree that there is only one impartial God who created this one world and He came in different forms to different countries and preached the same path in all the languages simultaneously at one time. Let this logic-sword of divine knowledge cut the rigid conservatism of the religious fanatics in this world to establish the Universal Peace.

I need not beg all these religious followers to be united and harmonious with each other for the sake of world peace. Enough of such begging appeals were made in the past. The religious fanatics feel that there is no real unity in the religions but that they have to be united since their kind hearts melted by these appeals. Thus only a temporary change was brought. At the most one generation of the followers got united. The next generation again began to fight with each other because they felt that there is no real unity in them due to the lack of the real unity in their religious scriptures. Thus a permanent solution for this does not lie in the begging appeals, which may or may not unite the followers. Even if the appeals unite religions such unity is not permanent. If the real unity in all the religious scriptures is exposed through the logical divine knowledge, the followers have to be united for generations together. Therefore, My attack is not on the hearts of the followers through love and kindness. My attack is on all the religious scriptures through intellectual logical analysis of the divine knowledge. The unity of hearts through love can only be temporary. The unity of brains through intellectual analytical divine knowledge will be permanent. Hearts agree but brains realize. Agreement is temporary, but realization is permanent. This is My first blow of My divine conch shell for the permanent unity of all the religions aimed at eternal Universal Peace.