Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 07 Feb 2005


What is the use of the spiritual effort if a person can reach God by uttering some sacred words?

[It is said “Gange Gangeti…Sivalokam Gamishyati”. The meaning of this verse is that he who utters the word ‘Ganga’ is liberated from all the sins and will reach Lord Shiva. In such a case what is the use of all this spiritual effort?]

The Guru encourages you to climb the first step by saying that the first step is the final step. When you climb the first step He will allow you to sit there for some time. Then slowly He will show you the second step and will again say that that step is the final step. Like this the Guru encourages you till you climb the last step. This is called as Arthavada, which means a lie, told for some good purpose. The person will start uttering the word Ganga. After this, the Guru will say that you should go to Ganga in Varanasi for a bath to get rid of your sins. Then you will go to Varanasi and take bath in Ganga. Then the Guru will say that you must see the Shivalinga, which represents the God without form. Then the Guru will say that you must see the Kalabhairava before you leave Varanasi. The statue of Kalabhairava is in human form representing the Lord in human form. Once you catch the Lord in human form the Guru will say that you must worship Him with prayers (words) and devotion (mind). Finally the Guru will say you must worship Him by service practically. At every step the Guru will be encouraging you stating that it is the final step. Some people sit on some lower step and do not climb the higher steps. Such people can never get the highest fruit because when they die the human rebirth is never assured.