Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 10 Feb 2005


Why was this knowledge not given by previous human incarnations?

The deeper knowledge is revealed by the Lord at present because the receiver viz. the audience, is sharpened by the development of science, which is the logical analysis based on experience. Since the receiver has become perfectly eligible now, the Lord has emitted the perfect knowledge at the right time. The same Lord was present in the previous incarnations too, with the same knowledge. But the time was not ripened then. Moreover, with increased logical analysis, people have become very intelligent. Intelligence has both good and bad effects. With the increase in intelligence the receiving capacity has increased. At the same time the power to misinterpret and twist the scriptures has also increased. Therefore, the present time needs a more sharp analysis to cut all these misinterpretations of over-intelligence. Due to this, the knowledge has become clearer. Necessity is the mother of invention. There is one more divine secret also behind this answer.

Due to over-intelligence, the departed souls have started arguing with the Lord in the upper world for the reasons for not giving them salvation. They say that there is a possibility of another way of interpretation of the scriptures and therefore, unfortunately they had taken the other [wrong] interpretation and missed salvation. They also say that their Sadgurus (preachers) gave such interpretations and it is the tradition that the Sadguru must be accepted. Therefore, a necessity has come to the Lord to come down and give the crystal clear true knowledge of the scriptures through correct interpretations. This will remove the headache of the Lord once and for all in the upper world. Now nobody can blame the Lord for not understanding the truth. Whether you take Me as the Lord or you think that the Lord is speaking through Me or you take Me as the messenger of the Lord, as far as the knowledge is concerned it is given only by the Lord. Therefore, this point will not interfere with the contents of the knowledge in any way.