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Can You please solve my problems through a miracle?

Posted on: 31/10/2006

Miracle means the violation of the regular administration of God to be done by God Himself! Miracle does not appear unless there is an extraordinary...

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Is Shri Shankara's preaching meant to mislead demons from the devotional path?

Posted on: 31/10/2006

Some say that even Buddha is atheist to divert the demons from doing sacrifice (Yajna) so that the demons will be powerless. Buddha is the...

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Is the constant chanting of God's name not a proof of faith and devotion?

Posted on: 31/10/2006

I will tell you a small story. Nana Chandolkar went into forest and missed the path. He became thirsty and cried for water. He fell down but was...

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How can the soul be born and die daily? How can the soul be inert energy?

Posted on: 31/10/2006

You say that the soul is born regularly and not daily! There is no difference between these two versions. The word Nitya has the usage in daily...

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Posted on: 21/10/2006

[One converted Christian from Hinduism (Shri Shastri), who is a Sanskrit scholar, visited Swami on this festival day. He told that he was attracted to Christianity by the spotless character of Jesus and was very much repelled by the bad character of Krishna regarding Gopikas. Swami replied him, which is given below as the divine message on Deepavali. After hearing the reply from Swami, which was spontaneous discourse, Shri Shastri bowed to the divine lotus feet of Swami with tears and went away silently.]

Reply of Swami: If you are converting your religion just for the sake of your liking to Jesus, there is no objection, because liking has no reason. But, if your conversion is based on repulsion to Krishna, I will not agree to it. Similarly, if a Christian is converted to become Hindu, due to liking on Krishna, I have no objection. But, his conversion should not be due to repulsion to Jesus...

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For Scholars Posted on: 11/10/2006

[Message on Dasara, Day-10] Today, Shiridi Sai Baba left His divine body due to a disease transferred on to Him from His devotee. Such decease is like the poison taken by a person, who commits suicide. Does this mean that Baba committed suicide? It was not the natural death. The death of Himself was executed by Himself. This point should be clarified to the people, who commit suicide in the world. The person committs suicide by the disturbance created by the illness that entered the body or by some other stress in the external world. This disturbance or stress is the fruit of his own sins and he himself is responsible for his own sins through his own samskaras. But, the illness in the body of Baba was not of that type. Sometimes a person may compare...

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For Scholars Posted on: 10/10/2006

[Message on Dasara, Day-9] The three qualities are not distinguished in the spiritual path by God as long as the possessor of these three qualities does not disturb the balance of the society, which is the stage for the divine play of the God. Scriptures say that all the three qualities co-exist always and never a single quality can be isolated. For God, all the three qualities are one and the same, which are created by Him only. These three qualities bring variety in the divine play by combining with each other in different proportions causing multi-natured scenes. These are just like three basic colors, which are mixed in various proportions to develop various shades. All the spiritual preachers have predomination of Sattvam...

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Posted on: 09/10/2006

[Smt. Uma Ramanath asked about the importance of spiritual preacher (Guru). Swami gave the following reply.]

A lecturer in Government College will teach you the syllabus and at the same time acts as the invigilator, valuer of the paper etc., and finally you are getting a valued degree from the college. Similarly, the Lord acting as Guru preaches the spiritual knowledge, guides you practically, tests your knowledge in practice and finally gives you the suitable divine fruit. A teacher conducting tuition home is just teaching you and is not connected to the examination...

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Posted on: 09/10/2006

[Message on Dasara, Day-8 Mr. Surya asked a question “You have said that the Lord told that awareness is born daily and perishes daily in the Gita. But, how come some people point out that in the same Gita, it is told that the soul is eternal?”]

Swami replied: There are two theories about the soul. In one theory, the soul is eternal. This is correct because if you take the soul (awareness) as inert energy in its basic form, energy is eternal. The eternality of the soul is proved in deep sleep since life continues due to the existence of inert energy as the heat in the human body. Due to this inert energy alone, all the systems in the human body function and the life is maintained in the body. Deep sleep indicates the co-functioning...

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Posted on: 08/10/2006

[Message on Dasara, Day-7] Today, Goddess Saraswati, who is always associated with Brahma, is worshipped. Saraswati is different from Brahma but is constantly associated with Brahma. Saraswati represents the special divine knowledge (Prajnanam) and Brahma represents God in human form. This means that the divine knowledge is separate and is an associated sign of God but can be treated as an inherent sign due to its constant association.

Any state in the spiritual path is to be appreciated relatively with respect to the lower step, but it is criticized relatively with respect to the higher step. You are encouraged by showing the lower steps, but you are inspired to become active by seeing the upper step. If you become lazy assuming that the step attained by you is final, the upper step is to be shown to you. If you are discouraged by seeing the higher steps, you are encouraged by showing lower steps...

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Posted on: 07/10/2006

[Message on Dasara, Day-6] The continuous entertainment (Ananda) is possible only in the world when God exists in the relative reality. In the state of absolute reality, space also disappears and God alone remains. In this state, there is no question of any entertainment. If you take God into such a state of absolute reality, you are making God bored. There will be no necessity at anytime for God to cross space (Mula Maya) because God need not destroy this world completely and regenerate it. The show of the cinema is withdrawn but the film roll is never destroyed by any producer unless he is extremely mad. The dissolution of the world means only the closure of the show and the world in a subtle state remains protected...

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For Scholars Posted on: 06/10/2006

[Message on Dasara, Day-5] The soul is the weakest form of energy in this creation. The nervous system can be easily burnt by even little heat (fire). The awareness flows in such tender nerves and is therefore, weaker than even a little bit fire. Such weakest form of energy (soul) is imagining itself to be the strongest energy (Brahman; assuming that Brahman is understood as strongest energy), which controls even the sun as per the Veda. Fire, which can burn the nerves very easily, could not burn even a dry grass blade when God did not wish! In that case, I am unable to understand how can this weakest soul do anything without the grace of God! When the soul becomes absolute zero by this knowledge, it will completely surrender to God...

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For Scholars Posted on: 05/10/2006

[Message on Dasara,Dasara, Day-4] The Advaitin says that by attaining the self [atman or soul], which is just pure awareness, one attains infinite bliss. This is absurd since it contradicts practical experience. In every living being, the soul (pure awareness) exists but every soul is not blissful. If you say that the impurity in the soul hinders the bliss, one can easily achieve the pure awareness at least temporarily during meditation with a little practice. In such meditation, peace is experienced but not bliss. Peace is not bliss. Zero is not plus. Even zero may appear as plus relatively with respect to minus. But with respect to plus, zero is relatively...

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Posted on: 04/10/2006

[Message on Dasara, Day-3] Today,the most important concept is to be analyzed. One will certainly reach heaven by doing social service, which is only a temporary place. One has to return to earth and again take the risk as per the Gita. But, the abode of God is permanent and if one attains this divine abode, one will not return in a normal human birth. Such a divine soul is liberated and comes to earth as a human incarnation along with the Lord. The same social service can be done as a secondary activity, keeping the preaching of spiritual knowledge and devotion as the primary activity. Such divine service includes the social service. But, the social service alone does not include the divine service...

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Posted on: 03/10/2006

[Message on Dasara, Day-2] Yoga means attainment. Attainment is meaningful if you attain something other than yourself. After traveling some distance if you say that you have attained yourself, it is meaningless. Only when you attain the Superself (God), who is other than yourself, can you use the word Yoga. God in human form is attainable by your effort. Just as you have your family, God also has His limited family, which consists of a few liberated souls. For you, your family is more important than society, which consists of the general public. You maintain business with society but love with your family. God also behaves like you...

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Posted on: 02/10/2006

[Message on Dasara, Day-1] Goddess Durga fought with the demon called Mahishasura for ten days and got victory on the tenth day. Durga means protection. This protection has very little significance as far as the problems in this world are concerned. People do not realize the insignificance of these worldly problems because they have not witnessed the greatest problem, which is faced at the time of the death before going to hell. Unfortunately, this greatest problem is visualized at the exact moment of death when the person is unable to even express his feelings on seeing the messengers from hell. A line appears small only when a bigger line is present next to it. If the soul could witness the last scene during this life time itself...

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For Scholars Posted on: 29/09/2006

Observer (O): I cannot understand these discussions. You can give me the final conclusions like this: God is unimaginable and comes down through a human form called human incarnation. The ordinary human soul is not God by itself. What is the use of all these hectic discussions? We shall search for the human incarnation whose sign is the divine knowledge and serve Him to our best to get His grace. This is the essence in nutshell which is sufficient for us.

Respondent (R): If these conclusions are accepted by all without any variation, there is no need of any debate. But several people are deriving conclusions in different ways. Some body says that God is formless like space. Some body says that He is the energetic form. Some body says that He is the ordinary individual soul. We say that the God is unimaginable...

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Posted on: 28/09/2006

The present spiritual preachers who are conducting workshops on the relief of stress are just doctors and psychiatrists only. They preach Asanas (physical exercises) and pranayama (breathing exercises) which are the measures for the physical health. The preaching of Atma Yoga which is the dissolution of thought limiting to awareness is done under the headline of meditation. Meditation is a pious word used to limit yourself to the thought of God only forgetting all the other thoughts including the awareness of your awareness. I do not know how you are calling these as spiritual preachers and concentration on self as meditation...

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Posted on: 27/09/2006

[A devotee (Sai) from Pune asked Swami for the stress relief. Swami replied like this:]

The stress is developed whenever a problem causing misery arises. Today the spiritual preachers are stressing very much on this topic and are conducting workshops. There is a lot of response from the public. Every human being is very anxious about the solution of the problem and to get rid off the misery. This natural instinct is the reason for this big response, which is misunderstood as self-greatness by these preachers. Even the priests and astrologers are earning money exploiting this natural instinct. The desire for money and fame in the public is the main cause for the concentration on this topic by the preachers...

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For Scholars Posted on: 25/09/2006

Petitioner (P): You have to speak every spiritual concept within the limits of the scripture (Veda) based on ancient Indian logic alone. Do not bring science in o philosophy.

Mediator (M): Ancient Indian logic is as good as science. The Mithya Vada is exactly same as the present theory of relativity.

Respondent (R): Logic and science deal with the same subject, which is the study of the analysis of various items of the world. In the ancient logic also they were referring to experimental proof in the name of experience (Anubhava). The only difference between science and logic is that science needs experimental proof in every step, whereas in ancient logic (Tarka) the experimental proof is inadequate. Therefore, certain points like propagation of sound in vacuum as per the ancient logic...

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