Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 08 Jan 2016



Shri Surya asked: "You have given an excellent message on the consequences of financial corruption and rectification of it. Today, the corruption in the sexual life is also on the top. I would like to know what will be the fate of the souls involved in the corruption in sexual life”.

Shri Swami Replied: The sex and corruption in sex take place in the time of night in which moon exists and not Surya (Sun). Hence, the Sun is asking about the subject of moon as the principle opposition party questions about the activities of ruling party. Of course, the activity of the sex in the night time is only traditional, but, in the modern times, it is also taking place in the day time! Hence, Surya is also concerned on this topic! Let us come to the subject since this is only a joke put to My friend, Surya. Surya may say that he is My devotee, but, I say that the devotional relationship (Bhakti) between the human incarnation and devotee can be in several ways and friendship (Sakhyam) is said to be one of these types. I am exposing this aspect to advise My devotees to be My friends in putting the questions without any hesitation or reservation. You can criticize or even scold Me if you find anything not correct in My knowledge similar to your dealing with you close friends. Please do not think that I will be hurt if you scold Me in the friendship. I am certainly ignorant but not ignorant to such low level to feel hurt when My friend criticizes My concept. Your criticism of My knowledge indicates the extent of your anxiety and your deep interest to know the truth in the concepts of knowledge given by Me to you. I will be more happy about such type of frank dealing with Me as a friend. Hence, strictly follow the mode of friendship–devotion towards Me while participating in this spiritual sacrifice or Jnana Yajna. Unless you are frank in your question, I cannot be clear in My answer. Unless My answer is clear, it will not be helpful to the humanity. Therefore, your frankness promotes My clarity in the knowledge resulting in the benefit of humanity. More you become frank and critic towards Me, more will be the benefit to humanity and more will be the quality of your service to God. Arjuna is said to be the example for the type of friendship-devotion. The reason is that this type of devotion is essential to enter the state of full freedom and frankness in getting the clarifications in the knowledge to the deepest level. This is the basis of the human incarnation in which God appears to be a human being so that friendship is possible, which is essential in preaching the knowledge. The human incarnation will never expose its unimaginable God-component because it is beyond the imagination of any human being. Hence, only the human being-component is always exposed since it can be only exposed. The only other way to expose the God-component is to expose the God component as the energetic form (energetic incarnation). Such energetic form like Vishnu or Shiva is also within the limits of the perception of human being. But, if the energetic form is expressed in its infinite climax, the highest quantity of energy (Vishvaroopa), it is visible, but, creates fear in the heart of the preceptor. Arjuna feared a lot on seeing such vision and prayed the Lord to excuse him if mistakes slipped from his mouth due to friendship. The human incarnation does not like to exhibit the lighter or heaviest energetic forms to its devotees because the concept of friendship is affected and the freedom is reduced or even lost. In such case, the sacrifice of knowledge will not be fully effective to give full benefit to the humanity. Giving visions of energetic forms is stopped by Me also since at present the Lord is seriously involved in the knowledge sacrifice, which requires frank questions from friends. This human incarnation also gave visions of divine energetic forms to several devotees in the initial stage before starting this program of knowledge just for attracting the people. In such attracted people, some learned devotees interested in the knowledge are selected for the participation and further propagation of knowledge. Now, the full freedom is given and maintained, which is essential for the present program. If you see the trend of questions from Arjuna after the vision of the form of cosmic energy, you can easily find that the trend is mild. Later on, the friendship of Arjuna with the Lord was also not to the full extent. Obedience entered Arjuna towards the Lord after this incident. The Lord never wished to give this vision to Arjuna. Arjuna compelled the Lord by asking for it.

Best Worship of God - Read His Messages & Enjoy

I also tell one more point. The best worship of the absolute God, Lord Dattatreya is only to read His messages and enjoy. The extent of your joy in such reading is directly proportional to the extent of the pleasure rising in His heart towards you. The Lord in the Gita says that He is pleased only by the sacrifice of knowledge (Jnanayajnena tenaaham…). When a professor publishes a Research paper and if you read deeply and enjoy deeply expressing the appreciation to that extent, the professor will be pleased towards you to the maximum extent. Therefore, all of you read the messages sincerely, enjoy and propagate in this world so that all will get this benefit apart from the real reformation for the sake of balance of the society.

We are going out of the limits of the question asked by Shri. Surya. Still, I find this as proper to bring your hearts in lighter vein before we enter into the analysis of this serious and delicate topic. At least let us come to the present topic. Otherwise, the inherently hot Surya will become hotter if he is annoyed by further delay!

The corruption in sex is just similar to the corruption in wealth because wife is the wealth of husband and husband is the wealth of wife. However, wealth is the total aspect where as sex is a partial aspect of the wealth. If wealth is there, you can get food, clothes, shelter, fame, even sex also and what not? There is a saying that even monkey will come down from the top of hill if money is in your hand. Another saying is that a coin is thrown on dead body while saluting it expecting that the life may come back due to the coin! If wealth is not there, even the wife/husband in the modern times will give you divorce. If the husband does not earn, the wife will be unhappy and as a girl, she will not marry him at all. If the wife is unemployed or does not bring dowry or some wealth in some other name, the boy also will not marry the girl telling some other reason and hiding the actual reason. If you do frank and deep analysis without any reservation and hesitation in expression, it is very clear that keeping silent about money in the context of selecting the alliance for marriage is only hypocrisy of the humanity. Money is the root of entire worldly life (Dhanamulamidam Jagat). Therefore, sacrifice of money is the real proof for the real love and hence the Veda said that sacrifice of money alone will bring the real proof of your real love to anybody including God (Dhanena Tyaagena). The bond with money is the strongest of all the bonds. In this also, the bond with hard earned money is the strongest because you realize the value of money when it is hard-earned. The ancestral property has come to you as a lot, which is hardly earned by you. However, since it is also your money, it comes to the second place. There are processions and revolutions of groups of human beings called as parties or associations in the case of fighting against injustice in financial matters in the society. Regarding the cases in sex, there are only individual cases of fighting filed in the court. Therefore, money is the total main root of the worldly life-tree. Sex is only a branch of the tree or partial life. After participation in the sex, interest is lost. But, after earning some money, interest increases. There is limitation for sex but not limitation for the ambition to earn money. The difference between wealth and sex is the difference between the root and branch or total strength and partial strength. However, since sex is a part of the worldly life, which is totally supported by the money in long run, all the aspects related to corruption for money apply in toto to the aspects of corruption for sex also. This is the difference between the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The Ramayana shows corruption for sex. The Mahabharata shows corruption for wealth. In the case of the Ramayana, all the monkeys fought on the side of Rama due to their personal devotion to Rama. In the case of the Mahabharata, the war between the two sects (Pandavas and Kauravas) took place because the groups are interested in the common enjoyment of wealth. People also supported justified rule of Pandavas and were against the unjust rule of Kauravas and hence, were indirectly involved. The Ramayana is about the individual case of Rama and Ravana. The Mahabharata is a case of two groups (Pandavas and Kauravas). Even a saint lives without sex, but, cannot live without food, clothes and shelter. Therefore, corruption for money is the total problem and corruption for sex is a partial and personal problem.

Coming to the topic in strict sense, the divine basis of sex is to extend the human generations so that the actors for the continuous series of dramas or film shootings are available forever, which is the basic requirement of the entertainment of God. Hence, the majority of humanity is always involved in this activity of sex, which is the effect of the materialised biological reactions. The other similar effects are hunger, thirst etc. If you view the sex in this angle, one need not feel shy regarding the sexual activity as one need not feel shy in eating food and drinking water. This is the reason why the sex education is being introduced in the educational system also. The statues of sexual activity are seen on the walls of the temples indicating that sex is an essential divine aspect of the commandments of God. If you do not understand this divine angle of sex, you will find fault with those statues appearing on the walls of the temples. It is only education of sex. After money (artha), sex (kama) is given the place in the four principle requirements of human life (purusharthas).

God said that He is the sex, which is not against the justice being the activity confined between legal husband and legal wife (dharmaaviruddhah kamosmi… Gita). Here, God means sacred in this sense of context, not virtually the God. It means such sex is divine and sacred. The great sage, Vaatsaayana composed the sacred book called Kama Sutra. A sacred sage will never write unholy book. The angle of knowledge is important and not the inert activity (jnaatvaa kurvita karmaani- Gita). A doctor has to touch the private parts of the body in the examination during the diagnosis, which is the prior requirement for a treatment. As we hear the news, sometimes, a doctor exploits this and is involved in the unjust sex. Similarly, some Swamijis and some Babas. This sin exists in other religions also. Religion cannot do anything because the basic behaviour of the entire humanity is one and the same in the essential activities like eating food, drinking water, sleeping in the night, sexual activity etc.

Since getting issues to extend the humanity is the ultimate goal of the sex, this activity related to issues should be mainly analysed. The issue is born from the womb of the mother. There is a saying that the mother only can inform to the child about its real father. But, now, this is not a problem because DNA test gives the proof of parents. We must appreciate science here. Whoever may be the father, the mother is certainly known because the child comes from her womb only and this information need not the doubted. Hence, the mother gives earning to her child. The doubt is about the father only since father also should be certain to give his property to his child. Therefore, corruption in sex is not only an ethical issue but also a legal issue in dealing with the heir of the property. In future, the corruption for sex may reach climax and a law may be introduced stating that the heir of the father’s property should produce the DNA certificate! But, ethics gives a solution here. Even though the issue was not generated by the father, the property of the father can come to the issue because issue can be treated as adopted, which is grown by father since, law says that adopted issue also is the heir of the property.

No Sin Results From No Intention or Pure Intention

Coming to ethics (Dharma or Pravrutti), it is also a divine subject. If justice is violated in Pravrutti, which alone can develop the basic confidence on you in the mind of God, Nivrutti is out of question. It is unjust to enjoy others’ wives or husbands, who are the wealth of others through secret stealing or corruption leading to paining others and also to legal problems. One may say that in such case, if the secrecy is maintained, paining others will not result and the legal problems can be avoided by taking medical care. One may also support his logic by saying that Lord Krishna danced with Gopikas (Rasaleela) in the midnights only to avoid hurting their husbands. The case of Krishna is totally different since that angle is completely a separate view. The angle of awareness called intention (samkalpa) is more important than the inert activity (karma). The intention leads to desire and the desire leads to activity (Samkalpa prabhavaan kaamaan- Gita). The inert activity also leads to desire and subsequent intention to do another sin. This is reversible equilibrium between the forward (intention leading to activity) and backward (activity leading to intention) reactions, which is called as the cycle of deeds (karma chakra). The first hymn of the first Upanishat says to avoid the inert activity also and considers it also a sin due to its inevitable further consequence (maagrudhah kasyasvit dhanam) resulting in continuous mobility of the cycle of deeds. It means that you should not steal others money or wealth whether you have intention or not. Even though there is a concept that mere inert activity is not a sin without intention, this concept is neglected because it is not possible in the case of an ordinary person. Certainly, the intention or angle is linked to the sin as in the case of sincere and false doctors touching the private parts of the body. Sita said that there cannot be sin when her body touched the body of Ravana while stealing her since she was under the forcible control of Ravana (yadyaham gaatrasamsparsham…). She refused to sit on the shoulders of Hanuman since the touch here is to be done by Her while She is in her own control. The angles or intentions differ in both the cases. Sage Vyasa also participated in the sex with the widow-wives of His brothers on the order of His mother for the extension of her race. Lord Krishna also participated in sex with married Gopikas in order to test the strength of their bonds with husbands (Dareshana) competing with God. In all these cases of Sita, Vyasa and Krishna, the cycle was struck at a point without further motion. The inert activity had no intention or other pure intention before it and also could not generate any intention further. This means that the inert activity was done without intention (Sita) and with other pure intention (Vyasa and Krishna). Vaatsayana says that touch of the bodies is also the preliminary external part of sex. Hence, Sita was blamed by washer-man though Agni (fire test) gave the certificate that She had no intention at all. In the case of Sita, the cycle was struck due to absence of prior intention and generation of subsequent intention before and after the activity respectively and hence, the blame is unreal and unjust. In the case of Krishna and Vyasa also, the cycle was struck because of other pure intentions (test of the strength of bond and extension of race respectively) existing before activity and no birth of intention after activity. No intention (Sita) and other pure intensions (Krishna and Vyasa) cannot be touched by sin as in the case of a sincere doctor touching the private parts of the body for diagnosis. Shri Hanuman while searching Sita in Lanka had to enter the bed room of Ravana, in which He had to observe several naked ladies lying on the beds to confirm whether Sita is forced into the bed room. He says there that He is not sinful by seeing such naked ladies due to the absence of prior and posterior intentional desires, which are the characteristics of mind (manohi hetuh...). Lord Vishnu cheated the wife of Jalandhara to do corrupt sex. But, here the intention is not to enjoy that lady, though she was a Gopika interested in Krishna (Vishnu). The intention here is to kill Jalandhara, who was fighting with Lord Shiva aspiring for Goddess Parvati. Such pure intention cancels even the sin involved in corrupt sex.

Body of two inert parts (Anna and Prana) and the inert sexual activity of the inert bodies (karma) are sinless. The other three parts (Mind, intelligence and happiness) belong to non-inert awareness creating intention and desire. The sin is related to awareness (nervous energy) only and not to inert matter and energy. Some over intellectuals exploit this concept by saying that skin to skin, there is no sin! This is correct because the skin is inert. But, the nerves below the skin become aware of the inert activity generating desire and intention to repeat the activity again and again. The inevitable consequence of this activity leading to chain of sins brings the real sin. If the awareness is untouched by the activity, there should not be the repetition of the inert activity. The inertia cannot repeat itself. In these divine cases, the awareness is pure due to no intention or other pure intention devoid of sexual desire. Hence, these divine cases are out of punishment due to lack of sin. If you take the case of an ordinary human being, this inert activity of inert bodies (karma) generates the sexual desire that leads to another inert sexual activity. The case of ordinary human beings involves the continuous rotation of the cycle resulting in series of sins. In the divine cases, since the cycle is struck at the point of inert activity only without further generation of sexual desire, the cycle cannot continue. This is the reason why Sita refused to sit on the shoulders of Hanuman, why Vyasa did not participate in such sexual activity after that single incident and why Krishna did not dance with anybody after leaving Brundavanam. Similarly, Hanuman had the prior pure intention to search Sita only and after the activity of seeing the naked ladies, the desire to see again the naked ladies never was born in His mind that promotes such activity again.

Punishment of Sexual Corruption

Two cases came to Me for My advice. One is the case of a person whose wife was forcibly raped by the hijacker of a plane. I advised the husband to accept the wife since she had no intention and more over the husband failed in his duty to protect her. Another case was a fraud saint cheating a female devotee by saying that the sex with her is the will of God. The cheated lady participated in the sex due to her extreme devotion and was unable to recognise the exploitation. I advised the husband to accept her because her intention was not sexual desire with that saint but was the excellent devotion to God. This is a case of other pure intention without the corrupt sexual desire. Hence, not only the existence of intention but also the purity of intention is to be judged in deciding the sin and punishment. In these cases, the hijacker and the fraud saint will be certainly punished by God because their intentions were the corrupt sexual desires only. Hair split analysis is required not only in Nivrutti but also in Pravrutti. The corruption for sex in the case of normal human beings involving the secret sexual activity has prior corrupt sexual intention and also the subsequent generation of the same leading to the repetition of the same activity is generating chain of sins. The punishment for this chain of sins in the hell is very serious. A copper statue having the same form of male or female with which this corruption was done, is heated to the red hot stage and the other partner is forcibly made to embrace the statue again and again. You can never imagine the agony caused in this repeated punishment. The repetition of punishment is due to the repetition of the same sin again and again by the human beings controlled by the constantly rotating cycle of deeds. A single sin done without prior and posterior intentions cannot have the punishment. As per the bumper offer given in Kali Yuga to humanity by God, even the chain of sins can be cancelled if one realises and repents by stopping the chain due to avoiding the generation of further intention that can stop the repetition of sin. A follower of the atheist Charvaka wrote a verse stating that the incapable husbands unable to satisfy their wives and unable to control them in doing sexual corruption, have written on the palm leaves that a man should not touch others’ wives, which is their plan to bring control from the other side! Such promoters of sin will be subjected to the above punishment in the hell till the end of the creation. The punishment for the propagation of sin is very very serious compared to the punishment of an individual sinner. Hence, propagation of true knowledge is very important and involves high risk because propagation of wrong knowledge leads to endless punishment. This is the reason for the logical analysis to be done for filtering the wrong knowledge of insertions from the true divine knowledge given by God. Keeping silent without propagation is better than propagating wrong knowledge. Zero is better than negative sign.

Shankara also performed sexual corruption with the wives of king Amaruka. This is a very special case and hence explained separately. While Shankara climbed the steps to sit on the throne of Sarvajna Peetham in south India, Goddess Saraswati blamed Shankara not to climb the throne since He is a sinner due to that sexual corruption. Shankara gave a wonderful reply saying since such inert sexual activity could not generate the corrupt sexual desire in Him, which is proved by the absence of repetition of such sexual activity again in the rest part of His life, the sin cannot touch Him (this aspect is well explained above). The second additional reason given by Him to support the absence of sin is that the original body of Shankara did not participate in such sexual corruption so that the inert domain is also pure without sin. The additional third supporting reason given by Him was that the body with which the sex done with the wives of Amaruka was the same dead body of the same husband, Amaruka, into which the soul of Shankara entered to make it alive, for such activity in order to learn the practical sexual education in which Shankara was challenged in the previous debate by Goddess Saraswati. In this reason, such sex was not corruption at all because the bodies involved were of the same husband and the same wives. In this reason, He argued further that the inside soul, Himself, was detached due to lack of prior and posterior intentions. In the special case of Shankara, both the domains of inertness and awareness are pure and hence the sin cannot be even imagined. The second and third reasons are only reinforcements of the first reason because by the first reason itself Shankara became sinless like Sita, Vyasa, Krishna and Hanuman. If you pass by forty marks, forty one marks will not affect the status of pass in any way and the extra one mark can be said to be the reinforcement of pass. Essentially, Sita, Vyasa, Krishna, Hanuman and Shankara were all passed candidates. Shankara being extra genius argued strongly His case from several angles.

Stop Sinful Activity at Some Stage & Stop of Cycle of Deeds

The angle of the intention is important in this critical analysis. If the sinful angle is absent, it is the case of no intention as in the case of the side of lady in forced rapes. If the same activity without force or cheating is done with some other intention, which is pure, such activity also cannot bring the sin. Each side should be individually analysed. In the case of Sita, she is pure without any sin. In the same case, Ravana is sinful due to his force and bad intention. The activity is same involving both but one side is sinless and other side is sinful. In the case of Vyasa also, His side is sinless and the other side is also sinless because of lack of any bad intention in the widow wives except the extension of race. In the case of Krishna, He is sinless because His intention is not bad, which is pure, being the final spiritual test of the holy sages in the form of Gopikas. In this case, the other side is equally sinless because the sages in the form of Gopikas proved that their bonds to God are stronger than any other worldly bond. In the case of Hanuman, He is sinless because of no bad intention and because of the other good intention to search for Sita. The other side, the naked ladies are also sinless because they were in the state of deep sleep as far as the activity of seeing them is concerned. Shankara is also sinless because of no bad intention and the other side was also sinless since the wives of Amaruka enjoyed the body of their husband only. He found fault with Goddess Saraswati being the root cause of the whole incident since She started testing Him in the sex education, which is irrelevant to the spiritual knowledge. She became afraid for this reverse attack from Shankara and immediately prayed Him to sit on the throne! In all these cases, the bad intention related to the sinful activity is absent resulting in the state of no intention. Even though some other intention exists, since it is pure, it cannot bring sin. All these cases are uniformly characterised by the non-repetition of the sinful activity again due to the non-regeneration of bad intention from such activity that can lead to the same activity again and again. As per the liberalised law of God in Kali Yuga, if the sinful activity is stopped at some stage resulting in stopping the revolving cycle of deeds, such case also can be listed as one of the above divine cases cancelling the total past sin. The idea is to stop the revolving cycle of deeds by putting a full stop to the sin somewhere at some time in the life. The non-repetition of the sin is the only real end of the sin. The aim of the punishment is also the same. A sinner is jailed not for the sin done in the past, but, jailing him is only to prevent him from the repetition of the sin in future by moving freely in the society. The sin, punishment, cycle of deeds etc., is the most complicated topic and analysis differs from one case to the other (Gahanaa karmano gathih- Gita).