Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 23 Aug 2021


How did Radha become the queen of Goloka without being tested for all the family bonds?

[Smt. Priyanka asked: A question on Devi Radha being tested by Lord Krishna. Padanamaskaram Swami, One particular thought has been bothering me for few days.

Gopikas were granted Goloka by Lord Krishna after they were tested for Putreshana (bond with children), dareshana (bond with husband) and dhaneshana (bond with wealth). They cleared a joint examination for both wealth and children, by sacrificing the stored butter to Lord Krishna (their stored wealth for their children was given to Lord Krishna willingly, proving that they loved God more than their children). Only after they cleared all these tests and ended up giving their life also upon hearing about the end of Krishna avataram, they were granted the highest loka.

Radha Devi on the other hand did not have children. Therefore, she was never tested for one of the strongest bonds with children. Swami, I mean no disrespect at all, but how did Devi Radha become the queen of Goloka compared to other gopikas? I understand that Devi Radha was the incarnation of Sage Durvasa (incarnation of Lord Shiva) whereas other gopikas were sages in their previous birth. Apart from this, Devi Radha became mad in love with Lord Krishna and ended up passing away with love and pain of separation from Lord Krishna much before the end of Krishna avataram itself, unlike other gopikas, who were also mad in love with Lord Krishna, but did not develop extreme madness like Devi Radha. Is it that Lord Shiva incarnated as Devi Radha to set an example of extreme madness for God and we cannot compare this case to other gopikas, who were not incarnations of God themselves?

Similarly, Meera (incarnation of Radha) crossed the bond with her husband but she did not have children to be tested on that bond. Both Radha and Meera never allowed their husbands to even touch them. They were already in a deep bond with God as their real Husband before their worldly marriage.

Swami, can You please enlighten us regarding how their cases were different from other gopikas who went to Goloka. At Your divine lotus feet, Priyanka]

Swami replied:- Your point is that Radha and Meera were not tested in one of the strongest worldly bonds, which is about issues since both had no issues. You feel that out of the three question papers, one paper missed and the test was only in two papers. Your doubt is that how this can be a complete test of three strongest worldly bonds (Eṣaṇā trayam). Technically, your question appears to be genuine. But, on deep analysis, you can find the truth. Both Radha and Meera did not allow their husbands to touch them and hence, there is no question of birth of issues. After reaching God Krishna, the ultimate goal, they did not bother about issues because all their worldly bonds were united in one bond with God Krishna. Now, you may still fight that one question paper is missing in their case. The marriage is done to get issues and a female is always worried about issues to the climax extent. When both of them did not care to get issues even after marriage, does it not mean that their bonds of issues were already dropped due to their bond for God? There are some couples who avoid issues at least for sometime for the sake of sexual enjoyment and such bond can be considered as bond with life partner. Even this bond was dropped because they did not allow their husbands to touch them.

Both of them never cared for wealth because Radha was the daughter of the president of village called Barsaana and did not care for the issues or husband. Meera was married to a king and left the palace in the devotion of God Krishna. In this way even before Krishna testing them in the three worldly bonds, they themselves sacrificed the three strongest worldly bonds. They declared their own results of the tests!  Meera is the incarnation of Radha and Radha is the incarnation of God Shiva, who does not need any test. They are born to guide the devotees in the spiritual effort through their practice as practical instructors. Krishna is incarnation of God Vishnu and God Vishnu and God Shiva are one and the same as per the Veda (Śivaśca Nārāyaṇaḥ). Therefore, God Krishna is God Shiva. This means that the examiner (God Krishna) was also the class teacher of the students, who is writing the examinations. A practical demonstrator in the laboratory doing the experiment stands as the instructor. While doing the experiments, the practical demonstrator appears as a student. The practical demonstrator does not belong to the community of students, but belongs to the teaching faculty. We see that a teacher sets the question paper and also becomes invigilator in the examination hall.