Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 12 Mar 2022


Why is that Chandralekha could not overcome her family bonds when they competed with God?

[Smt. Priyanka asked: Padanamaskaram Swami, We learnt about Chandralekha that she could not attain jeevanmukti while on Earth due to her fear of worldly bonds but attained videhamukti in the upper world because she ultimately died for sake of God. Therefore, every time the Lord incarnates, she has to come down to Earth not only to serve God but also because she is bound to worldly bonds. The doubt here is when she was Sati, she went against the wish of her father and married Lord Shiva. She retaliated against her family in the Daksha Yagna when her father was not respecting Lord Shiva and therefore gave more importance to God over her worldly bonds. But, in her next birth as Chandralekha, what was the reason that she could not overcome her family bonds when it competed with God? Do previous life samskaras have any role to play here? At Your divine lotus feet, Priyanka]

Swami Replied: - Sati went to the function of sacrifice done by Her father even though, neither She nor God Shiva was invited. In fact, God Shiva advised Her not to go to the function for which She was not invited. Sati overlooked this advice thinking that She had the liberty to go to the house of Her father even without invitation. But finally, She proved Herself as topmost devotee of God Shiva because She could not tolerate the abuse of God Shiva from the mouth of Her father and committed suicide! Both Sati and Chandralekha have marvelous love to God, but, have influence of the family bonds. Both Sati and Chandralekha proved themselves as the topmost devotees of God. The influence of family bonds is bringing Her down to the earth, but, at the same time, Her devotion to God is beyond imagination. The influence of family bonds is certainly not capable of hindering the bond to God. But, the influence of family bonds caused some disturbance in both births. Sati should have restrained Herself from going to the house of Her father on the advice of God Shiva. In such a case, everything should have been very peaceful. In the case of Chandralekha, She could have gone to Krishna without caring for Her family or at least, She should have waited for one or two days more and should have reached Krishna. This means that in both cases, peaceful analysis was not done. Even Sati should have returned back after giving strong answers to Her father. Her father was a famous enemy of God Shiva and this is known to all. Hence, there is no surprise if Her father scolded God Shiva. It is quite expected. For that, there is no need for Her to commit suicide. Hence, excess of emotion is not good and instead of it, a peaceful analysis should have been done by both Sati and Chandralekha.