Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 03 Jun 2024


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If somebody commits a grave sin, will he be eligible for the process of burning that sin?

[Shri Soumyadip Mondal asked: Pronam swamijee, We all know from Your knowledge that if we realise, repent and don't repeat a sin that was committed earlier, we will be free from the ill effects of the wrong deed. But I feel "confession" should also be included somewhere into the sequence of rehabilitation actions. Please eradicate the darkness in me. Also put light on the case of degree of sin too. If somebody commits a grave sin, will he /she still be eligible at all for that process of burning the sin that You have stressed upon? At your divine lotus feet a sincere servant. By Soumyadip Mondal]

Swami replied:- Even if the sin is grave, nothing can be done regarding the past committed sin. The punishment for the sin done is also to prevent the future sin. If the sinner realizes, repents and does not repeat the sin in the future through reformation, the purpose of the punishment is already received and what is the use of punishment again? It will be only like making a paste from the paste (pishta peshanam). Realization is Jnaana Yoga, repentance is Bhakti Yoga. Non-repetition of the sin is Karma Yoga. Without the middle Bhakti Yoga (theoretical devotion), the Karma Yoga is impossible. Theoretical devotion is the force generated from knowledge that transforms the knowledge (Jnaana Yoga) into practice (Karma Yoga). Hence, the link is always significant.