Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Sep 2023


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Is it not the selfless service to God our goal?

[Satsanga on 02-09-2023 in the marriage function of the sister of Shri Hrushikesh. Important questions answered by Swami are given below.]

Ms. Thrylokya asked: Is it not good to think that we should undergo the fruits of our deeds and worship God without aspiring for any fruit in return from God?

Swami replied:- Already, I have told that you shall be in that stage only like the fan devotion without aspiring for any fruit from God. You are continuing in that initial state only. In that case, God will take care of your progress in spiritual life and also in materialistic life (Yogakṣemaṃ vahāmyaham…  Gita). Yoga means spiritual progress and kshema means materialistic progress.