Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 10 Jun 2024


Is my life worth looking at for having God as an audience?

[A question by Shri Jayesh Pandey: Pada Namaskaram Swami ji!, Below Your Feet!]

Swami replied:- Every soul is a noble part of the screen giving entertainment to God. In the cinema, the actor of every role is heavily paid by the producer and there is no negative angle in any role. As far as the entertainment of God is concerned, this is the picture. This is pleasing God through the general entertainment of cinema (creation). But, certain actors try to please God specially with full inspiration towards God. The cinema in the world is not directly concerned with anyone among the audience in a personal way. But, in this world-cinema, the story is related to God personally sometimes to the extent of climax. Another difference is that the story of a cinema runs in an already fixed direction whereas this world-cinema is giving full freedom to the actor of every role. Hence, the entertainment given by the world-cinema to God is far far superior and more noble than the ordinary cinema. No soul can create a cinema, which is like the world-cinema in all aspects. Under these circumstances, everything is in your hand to decide whether you give general entertainment (Pravrutti) or special personal entertainment (Nivrutti) to God.