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Posted on: 11 May 2024


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Is the Guru Dakshina given to the Sadguru for His needs or is there anything else?

[Shri PVNM Sarma asked:- Paadanamaskaaram Swami. Guru Dakshina is given to the Sadguru for the needs of the Sadguru. Is this concept correct or is there anything extra than this?]

Swami replied:- The Guru Dakshina (Money offering or Karma Phala Tyaaga) and Karma Samnyaasa (the service done to the Sadguru) support the meaning given by you. When the Sadguru gives the deep spiritual knowledge, His head will be emitting a lot of heat radiation and to cool His head, application of oil is necessary and to purchase the oil, money is necessary. This angle will be met by Karma Phala Tyaaga. The application of oil to the head doing some massage to the head while applying the oil comes under Karma Samnyaasa. I came to the house of Shri Ajay and started dictating spiritual knowledge. He used to type My knowledge and he did a very huge lot of typing work. I placed a condition to him that he shall understand the concept before he types it. This reminds Sage Vyaasa dictating the Mahaa Bhaaratam and God Ganapati writing it on palm leaves. Ganapati placed a condition for Sage Vyaasa that Vyaasa should dictate the Sanskrit verses with such speed so that Ganapati need not wait for writing. Sage Vyaasa also placed a condition that Ganapati shall understand every verse before writing it. After sometime of dictating of spiritual knowledge by Me, I stop the dictation due to the heat of My head and ask Shri Ajay Garu for some coconut oil to be applied on My head. Then, I used to comment, “You asked Me for spiritual knowledge in the previous birth. Didn’t you know then that preaching spiritual knowledge involves oil expenditure?” The background of this is that Shri Ajay Garu was the priest in the temple of Lord Venkateshwara in Tirupati in his previous birth. One day, God Venkateshwara appeared before him and asked, “I want to give a boon to you. Ask for it”. Then, Shri Ajay asked, “I want the spiritual knowledge of God”. I told him, “As per the boon given to you, I have come to your house to give the spiritual knowledge of God to you. You should have asked for wealth, etc.”.

In fact, the Guru Dakshina offered by devotees to the Sadguru (contemporary human incarnation of God) is not for the need of the Sadguru and the above told incident can be viewed humorously. God Datta’s incarnation is the Sadguru and hence, the Sadguru is not in need of anything from anybody. Whatever Guru Dakshina offered by a devotee is accepted by the Sadguru as his/her investment with God. As soon as you offered money to the Sadguru, Kaalabhairava will enter that money as FD (Fixed Deposit) in your name. In this birth, you may not have any need since you have extra money. Due to this, you will spend it lavishly and waste it. In the next birth, you may be very much in need of money and if you gave Guru Dakshina to the Sadguru, then, Shri Kaalabhairava will send your money to you along with huge compounded interest for your need. You don’t have such facility in any worldly financial bank!