Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 03 Jul 2024


Shall we fix some amount to be donated to God throughout the life?

[A question by Smt. Vaishnavi]

Swami replied:- My advice is that you keep something for present needs and save something for the future needs. Also, save something to give to your children. God does not need your money because really, there is no need for Him. God only tests you to know whether you possess only theoretical false love or practical true love also. Only in this angle, you can offer Guru Dakshina to God. Except this one angle, there shall not be any other angle. This is true even in worldly life. My best advice is that you strictly save money by avoiding unnecessary expenditure like luxuries (in such luxuries, you are throwing money into waste box). Apart from this, enjoyment of luxuries will spoil not only your health, but also your precious time. Whatever you waste, that can be saved and offered to God. There is a scientific project called ‘wealth from waste’. This project told by Me is ‘salvation from waste’. You can differentiate luxury from necessity. Luxury is expenditure of money to spoil precious health and waste time. Necessity means expenditure of money to improve health and properly utilize precious time.