Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Jul 2024


How to save money in a justified way?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked:- How to save money in a justified way unlike a greedy fellow, who saves by controlling even the necessary expenditure?]

Swami replied:- A greedy fellow saves money even by controlling the necessary food to be taken for the sake of maintenance of life and the food required with good quality to maintain good health is also avoided by him. But, one shall know what is good food and bad food with the help of scientific analysis. People think that paneer is best for health, but, paneer increases cholesterol and leads to many diseases. Worldly pleasures turning into vices are not at all good for health. You can save a lot of money by controlling unnecessary worldly pleasures or vices. If you are rich, your relatives and friends will approach you to extract money from you. Such people have unimaginable talent in their conversations and an innocent soul will be definitely and very easily get trapped. They express their pitiable situation so that you will be forcibly melted, but, it is actually false. Lot of people lose money in this way only. You must not have extra ambitions for earning more and more money. Be satisfied with whatever is given by God. In such a case, your money is perfectly protected and saved. Ambition for earning more money makes you to lose the existing money also. One rupee earned by corruption and by unjust ways will link to your hundred rupees earned by justice and will drag away that hundred rupees also. It is just like the railway engine, which links to several compartments standing on the platform and drags away all the compartments at once. The money earned through injustice will destroy your many many future generations. By following these principles, one can save the money earned in justified ways. Saving the earned money from the above explained destructions is also extra earning of money. Avoiding loss is also a kind of getting profit.